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Nostradamus C8 Q25: A woman lawyer aids in bringing about the Jesus clone birth.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse carries the standard traits of stories relating to the conception of the Jesus-clone. Anagrams such as Jesus, warfare,damsel,lawyeress and calm seas confirm its fit to the consistent themes found throughout the Prophecies.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 coutiere led a man to town dreamt amount Eucrite (stony meteorite) forum owe
Coeur de l'amant ouuert d'amour fertiue

lands and seas rules underlays warfare essay alarmed area lawyeress
Dans le ruyſſeau fera rauyr la Dame

my calm not refer feral Rafael alas a lass led Jesus issue
Le demy mal contre fera laſſiue

peer used a precarious corpse male leopards damsel repel
Le pere a deux priuera corps de l'ame
The heart of the lover, awakened by furtive love
In the stream the Lady will be ravished
She will pretend bashfully to be half injured,
the father of each will deprive the body of its soul
Coeur de l'amant ouuert d'amour fertiue
Dans le ruyſſeau fera rauyr la Dame
Le demy mal contre fera laſſiue
Le pere a deux priuera corps de l'ame
L1: <a man ruled touuer><true amount delarue dam furore><dreamt four touun alarmed><trade forum><ruled amount a coutiere(bourgogne) matured><de murat(lineage)><it couuered> four uurote couturiere eucrite leucoderma montadale unalarmed adom lamed tuuo

L2: <and surely alarmed><lands rue essay made> adam underlays yesus uuayfarer seas uuarfare rare rule fear named lauuyeress lyra yssu maenads ysus

L3: <assail free><not calm><may deem refer><fear real issue> iesus alfares aflare salaries alas my isus ferrante rafael

L4: <male drops repel><leopards care><rue prix due> xp damsel uxed carpo precarious lamed repealed arriue crops
1: leucoderma, montadale, underlays, resampled, uuayfarer,
2: precarious, couturiere, lauuyeress, unalarmed, couuered, coutiere, uuarfare,
3: demurat,
4: leopards, repealed, forum,
5: eucrite, drops,
6: maenads, alfares, essay, prix,
7: damsel, medals, yesus,
8: surely,
9: alarmed, alarmed, adom,
10: ferrante, furore, touun, ruly,
11: salaries, uurotet, amount, calm, aryl, lyra, ysus, yssu,
12: -
13: refit,
14: dreamt,
15: assail,
16: -
17: arriue, iesus, issue, adam,
18: delarue, carpo,
19: aflare, rafael,
20: amends,
21: tuuo,
22: amour,
23: -

precarious, lawyeress, leucoderma, underlays, resampled, unalarmed, wayfarer, coutiere, cowered, Leopards, warfare, forum, Eucrite, drops, Ferrante, salaries, amount, adorn, damsel, surely, essay, town, ruly, crops, Jesus, dreamt, Adam, assail, calm, Seas, refit, Rafael, amour.

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