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Nostradamus C8 Q99: The 21stC Jesus-clone era is linked to resolution of Jesus' status as a mortal
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Calamity verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesVerses C10 Q65, C1 Q36 and this verse obviously relate to  the same story. In the first line of text in C10 Q65 we have ' O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches' while in the second line of C8 Q99 it says 'the sacred seat put in another place' and critically they agree on what it is that is ruined.  The second line of C10 Q65 says ' not of the walls, of thy blood and substance' and the last two lines of C8 Q99 specify 'substance of body and spirit restored and received as the true seat'. The connection with the current verse C8 Q99 is  that Nostradamus via its text and anagrams makes the essential connection between lineage shaping events affecting his time to the decisions made by the Nicene Council. I chose to pair C8 Q99 and C1 Q36 because in addition to the Jesus story line they have a similar purpose of presenting sixteenth century events (including his input) affecting that story line.

In this current verse the cipher of aeigenes gives a strong basis for its being a component of the cluster delivering the detail of Nostradamus' challenge to the orthodox view of Christ's mortal status. Aeigenes is another of the Greek words in the Nicene debate that relate to the begotten of God or a mortal status of Christ; it is a reference to eternally begotten and in particular to things conceived without mortal conception. The  resolution of this debate by that 4th century council not only led to the orthodox view that Jesus was not born of a mortal but also to the nature of his sexual relationships with mortals. This includes views on his celibacy and hence the doctrinal views on marriage and bloodline.  This verses anagrams in the second line indicate this eternality factor loses the prominence it has had for nearly two millennia.

Nostradamus' verse C8 Q99 showing the modern response to the qiestion of Christ's relationship yo God & maknkindAnd the enigmatic text of this verse with its 'substance of body and spirit restored and received as the true seat' takes on its fullest power when the equally powerful enigmas in the anagrams are exposed.

This is a verse with enigmas powerful enough to excite minds of all persuasion and like so many with this theme its text gives us strong hints via the anagram  absolutus (completion) that it is indeed about the resolution of the Jesus mortality enigma.

Compare this verse to the other verses in this series and you will see the strong religious themes of the Christian churches foundations embedded in their text. The same religiosity exists here and  makes best sense when considered in the context of a harsh debate over the begotten, un-begotten status of Christ.

The last line of this verse has anagrams on a very interesting but very different theme for it talks of the strength of Nostradamus powers to see the future. In so doing it implies that his ability to see the future and the topic of Jesus blood line are linked.


Through the power of three temporal kings,
the sacred seat will be put in another place,
where the substance of the body and the spirit
will be restored and received as the true seat.
Par la puiſſance des trois rois temporelz
En autre lieu ſera mis le ſaint ſiege
Ou la ſubſtance de l'eſprit corporel
Sera remys et receu pour vray ſiege.
L1: <upraiSal stories imposter role aScend><stored osiris iSSuance><or spiritsome descent><iS intercrossed aS paul poem><temporise [hold back]><iSuS desecration stories> <uprisAl aS coresidents imposter roleZ>

L2: <ieruSalems SaintS lie><islam SanitiSe a true gEne><ieruSalem latiniSes a true gEne><true islam reuSe aEigeneS lie><latiniSeS neutral meaSure> < a aimleSs uSer lie in nature Site>. <Site alienS meaSure is a true gEne> <uuaterlineS realism> <ut-a gene site aliens aims> <uta gEne meaSure reli>

L3: <poor Scrlpt uSual role> <cleaned prieSt abSOlutuS (completion) role> <led prieSt aScent> <perilS buStS enacted><proScript role> <lauuS rOle tabS poor Script>

L4: <See my secret pouuer vary iS rare> <Syria agreeS persecute our ryme> <st remy Seer era>
1: imposters, spiritsome, absolutus, latinises, aeigenes, propelz,
2: desecrations, proscript, temporise, uprisals, proctor, sanitise, subsalt, papular, Osiris, poorer,
3: intercrossed, coresidents, uuaterline, upraisal, persecute, repool,
4: desecration, Ierusalems, acidness, St Remy, Syria, ryme, geese,
5: coresident, imposter, ascends, crested,
6: escorted, script, lauus, usual,
7: Ierusalem, issuance, realisms, cadents, cleaned, enacted, abuts, vary, rays,
8: descent,
9: Tauriel,
10: uprisal, aimless / seismal, measure, poor, subs,
11: -
12: secrete,
13: -
14: releuant, resplit / triples, realism, smiles, bust,
15: storied, sieges, strip,
16: ascend / dances /decans,
17: -
18: scans,
19: -
20: Islam,
21: -
22: -
23: reliue / reuile, maris, poem.

imposters, spiritsome, absolutus, latinises, Osiris, aeigenes, propels, desecrations, temporise, uprisals, Syria, poorer, coresidents, persecute, waterline, upraisal, Ierusalems, imposter, sanitise, acidness, proscript, coresident, aimless, laws, issuance, realisms, measure, uprisal, Islam, revile, poem, St Remy, intercrossed.


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