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Nostradamus C9 Q01: Animal based calendars rely on sounds to resonate in decoders mind.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is another unusual verse with a long history of its being a reference to the discovery of Nostradamus code. And the anagrams of the last line reinforce this notion. The contents of this line lead to a solution that is difficult to change especially while keeping to my rules. It is about the manner in which the images of the story are stored and it is a mnemonic means using sounds that one learns by rote. It is this holding of the rhythms of each verse that allows the connections to be found. It is a system of resonance between poetry and the brain.

Nostradamus Verse C9 Q01 Algebra techniques using letter-ess are used to determine duration in any domainThis current verse most likely was the nineteenth entry in the first century of the master copy. This swap is based on the content of the text which has the elements expected in a preface to Nostradamus' methods and the ties to anagram for algebra -techniques, labours and sound calnd'rs  found in the anagrams of C1 Q19 (where items relevant to the the preface should be).


Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:


1. lands domains animals sound durations educat'r borrouued calandars cauldrons
2. tower assault elaborates treasonable letters worst tortures uses
3. untrained source burgeons obscure our gen
[e]roux chancabl[e] unit code borrows

4. subconnate covenants algebra-techniques aura now weak
In the house of the translator of Bourg,
The letters will be found on the table,
One-eyed, red-haired, white, hoary-headed will hold
Which will change for the new Constable.
Dans la maiſon du traducteur de Bourc
Seront les letters trouues ſus la table
Bourgne roux blanc chanu tiendra de cours
Qui changera au nouueau conneſtable
L1: <caulDrons Bred a Sound aim><Sound calanDrs aim><a landS domainS> <duct durationS> <unBrocaDed animals true Sound><scanDal outBreed our Sound aim><uSes-lauus / usual rotters norSe table tellS>eructed

L2: <rebelS not resettle uuorst atlas uSes><lest treaSonable letters uurote><~rebelS let aSsault use stolen tortures~><rebelS aSsault touuers letters stolen~><norsE lettersets uurote rebelS aSsault><~elaborateS lents uuorst letter uSes~>stealable

L3: <genroux oBscured our trained><source drained cc haunt><untrained our ur code Burgeons><Borrouus genroux unit><orBs regrouun><ur code chance-unit Burgeons our blax><dread source unite our chance-blanx> reinundate

L4: <clique hang ouun Subconnate (ideas before birth) aura><uue anounce aura change on tableS><algebra-techniQues><auue conSent ouun area aching><ouun auue conSentable><abSent cliQue hang ouun area>
1: algebra-techniques, consentable, unbrocaded, subconnate, treasonable, elaborates, untrained, blastula, stealable, borrouus, burgeons, regrouun, ballast, quaich,
2: cauldrons, durations, couenants, letter-sets, inundate, burgeon, salamis, basalt, blast,
3: letter-less, sudation, assaults, aching, Burgos,
4: outbreed, domains,
5: Ecuador, Adonis,
6: letter-ess, tortures, animals, obscure, haunt,
7: stollen, settlers, absent,
8: chique, assault, eructed, atlas, curd,
9: intrude / untried,
10: scandal, Odins, sound, robed,
11: rotunda, sourced / scoured, tells, Urox,
12: resettle, stable / tables, rebels, orbs / robs,
13: -
14: settle,
15: uuorst, united, Burgo, Doube,
16: drained,
17: rotund,
18: clique, table / table (2x), Sauls,
19: -
20: consent, China / chain, uuoes,
21: letters, educt,
22: beats / beast, 
23: relose.

untrained, blastula, subconnate, algebra-techniques, burgeons, elaborates, treasonable, covenants, letter-sets, stealable, borrows, absent, letter-ess, calndars, regrouun, obscure, animals, haunt, tables, cauldrons, worst, durations, inundate, Ecuador, tortures, assaults, blast, aching, settlers, domains, Adonis, outbreed, scandal, beast, resettle, letters, drained, atlas, orbs.


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