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Nostradamus C9 Q06: IS takes technological warfare into Europe and Britain.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

One of the strongest indicators that Nostradamus work was coded lies in the huge number of verses whose text made no sense to his time nor to any other. To write 942 verses would involve a huge commitment of mental resources and to expend them on writings that are filled with unknown places and indecipherable events wasn't very likely.

And Nostradamus did express faith in the readability of each and every one of his verses and he knew that despite their obscurity his work would become increasingly famous.

To bring this to a close then, my son, take this gift from your father M. Nostradamus, who hopes to explain to you every one of the prophecies set out in these quatrains. Cesar Preface 1555 (CPE12)
Notwithstanding those who cannot contain the malignity of their spirit, the course of times after my earthly presence is extinguished, will see my writings have more weight than during my lifetime. Henry Epistle 1558 (CEE4)

The current verse is a good example of how contorted many of his verses were and it is only if there was something else included in them that his fore-mentioned claims could be true. That something that unlocks the secret has to be in the lettering and it has to be in a form that allows successful filtering of all the processes that would corrupt his original thoughts and dreams. I believe that key lies in the anagrams, the double letters and the capital letters.

It is possible to see this process at work through the English anagrams found within the lines of this verse. One of the more startling clusters is that which includes modern chemicals for these are gathered in such numbers that it seems incredible that this is a product of chance alone. And it also holds elements that could well be about the future threats from the IS cult.

This verse, like many others, has been presented by me for the first time in 2015 and this was because the major themes engaged my attention.

But now that I am engaged on this task I find that these verses are presenting stories are consistent with my major threads and yet they provide new pictures that are consistent within themselves.

No verse can be fully interpreted as a stand-alone effort for there are only four lines to cover any event. In this verse we can see the links to my major timing mechanism based on Polaris' turning at the end of this century.

And we can also see an emerging picture of an Islamic group initiating a technologically modern campaign against the United Kingdom and Europe at the time when the Earth is deluged by floods that will cover 70 percent of France (See C9 Q69 Line 4).

There are for instance several adjacent clusters of anagrams in the third line one of which implies "IS soldier dual gun code is delusory" ( -u/rdeloys -Du La - ngu - edoc -Iſ).

The anagrams that deliver the frameowrk for this current verse include:

Paris Gaul genuine nine if detaining dangle alongside Polaris Gadolinite soil
Par la Guyenne infinite d'Anglois

acetonic cocaine preoccupant patron Roman nomad gland Aquitaine
Occuperont par nom d'Anglaquitaine

dual gun code IS misplaces sample blame delusory soldier
Du Languedoc Iſpalme Bourdeloys

reabsorb Quinazoline monomer part bears box it aquiline
Quilz nommeront apres Barboxitaine
An infinity of Englishmen in Guienne
Will settle under the name of Anglaquitaine
In Languedoc, Ispalme, Bordelais,
Which they will name after Barboxitaine.
Par la Guyenne infinite d'Anglois
Occuperont par nom d'Anglaquitaine
Du Languedoc Iſpalme Bourdeloys
Quilz nommeront apres Barboxitaine
L1: <if genuyne in endAting Polaris><nine finite Angled a-Polaris><fine laG detAining Polaris><Along indefinite Pairs><Polar-sign dAte in fine laG ><Alongside infinite enn><A indefinite sloPing enn><~if a Gunlayer sPoil nine endAting><gAdolinites (rare earth mineral) fine sPiral><nine Pairs loAding finite laG> Graal desolAting sPorAngial

L2: <~patron quit pure cOcaine/ Oceanic nomad glAn~><rAndom operant up cOcaine><rAndom glan aquitaine preoccupant><nomad patron pure acetOnic glan><cOntrecoup inate>

L3: <IS soldyer / delusory dual 'gun code' ><mISplace douBler /Boulder> <pSalm I code Be louder><redouble pSalm cI (101)><I Sample 'gun code' Dual douBler>

L4: <patron axinite (borosilicate) aBsorber><quinate Borax-B entraps monomer><patron Quinazoline (C8H6N2) box it Bears><parents bar Box><monomer box it Bears aQuiline part z><box operant Bars it aQuiline>antiQue mentor
1: preoccupant, Gadolinite, sporangial, indefinite, detaining, misplaces, infinite, reabsorb / absorber, monomer, cocaine / oceanic, quinazoline,
2: finite, monoterm, aquiline, borax,
3: contrecoup, desolating, loadings, acetonic, gun-layer, sloping, loading, redouble, boulder, 
4: delusory, a-Polaris, samples,
5: long-pairs / polar-sign, open-occur, alongside, gun code, barbs, box,
6: Aquitaine, Polaris, spoil, psalm,
7: -
8: aconite, yodel,
9: guy,
10: spiral, sample, apsis, taxi,
11: soldyer, gundeal,
12: -
13: -
14: -
15: -
16: -
17: detain,
18: portune,
19: blame, lamp / palm,
20: operant (2x), angled,
21: -
22: random, recoup, monad,
23: apron.

preoccupant, cocaine, reabsorb, Quinazoline, monomer, Gadolinite, sporangial, borax, acetonic, aconite, detaining, alongside, indefinite, gun code, delusory, gundeal, misplaces, finite, loadings, gun-layer, box, desolating, sloping, boulder, redouble, aquiline, polar-sign, a-Polaris, operant, spiral, apsis, detain, Polaris, guy, yodel, spoil, random, samples, psalm, barbs.



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