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Nostradamus C9 Q9: The terrible unfortunate fate involving IS late in this century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is a morality tale linked to the visions found in the preceding verses. It is obvious from the text that it holds an allusion to ancient Greece and in the anagrams we find, Spartans (ſſant par) and Theos (=God) lose heroic Hellas (=Greece ) (esTho- loſe- cheoir - les hal) as well as terms that tie the Spartans to a land based strength. There is also  a reference in the text to the eternal lamp which ties into the previous verse where an anagram for protium is found and this material is the form of hydrogen that helps the sun supply an eternal light and other forms of energy.

But there is yet another twist to the anagrams. By choosing Spartans as his allusion Nostradamus is highlighting the qualities and the flaws in the IS cult. The Spartans were considered superior warriors, committed totally to their state and cause but that was not enough to ensure their dominance of Hellas for the narrowness of their views and the draconian treatment they used to maintain their regime meant their strength could only have a limited life span. And there are two anagram that unites the destiny of the Spartans  and IS for it tells us that they are both terrible and unfortunate (ſſant par - r trible E - nfant trouue) .

The anagrams that frame the story of this current verse include:

equal land map prenamed unfeted few bel[e]iving in next exit
Quand lampe ardente de feu inextinguible

Vestals seers wrote amputee vesseled tales
Sera trouuee au temple des Veſtales

we wrote few awe unfortunate Spartans a terrible part inferable
Enfant trouue feu eau paſſant par trible

riper navy my Theos (God) lose holier echo heroic Hellas repels
Perir eau Nymes Tholoſe cheoir les halles.
When the lamp burning with inextinguishable fire
Will be found in the temple of the Vestals
Child found in fire, water passing through the sieve
To perish in water Nimes, Toulouse the markets to fall.
Quand lampe ardente de feu inextinguible
Sera trouuee au temple des Veſtales
Enfant trouue feu eau paſſant par trible
Perir eau Nymes Tholoſe cheoir les halles.
L1: <in next fiue><eQual feted land prenamed><exiting-blue vien parented feed><read land map>

L2: <~amputee uurote eraS VeSseled tales~><leSser StaVes><~reaSsert taleS ouue amputee> rareSt arreSt

L3: <unfortunate part tErrible fee><turnout SatanS rEfinable part><Spartan pauSe><auue paSS>feuu uurote

L4: <she close all Those my holier halls resPire><~naiver loSe Those my heroic hellas rePelS~>
1: unfortunate, vesseled,  
2: inferable / refinable, mytunes, hall, Hellas,
3: rose-uuaters, landmap, Spartans, staves,
4: deplumate, holier, delves, ethos / those / theos,
5: amputee, presell,
6: dampener / prenamed, premade, unitex, loose, vests,
7: turnout, terrible, Pamela, feted,
8: rose-uuater, heroic, arrests,
9: -
10: Yuan,
11: -
12: parented, ,
13: exit, next,
14: Vesta / stave, host, Seth,
15: reassert,
16: chose, Oslo / solo,
17: arriue,
18: Satans,
19: -
20: respire,
21: Pierre,
22: -
23: -

Hellas, unfortunate, heroic, Spartans, vesseled, holier, Theos, my-tunes, inferable, solo, feted, prenamed, staves, delves, chose, exit, premade, amputee, arrests, unites, Satans, land map, loose, next, terrible, host, parented.

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