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Nostradamus C9 Q17: Medici Florentine Queen of France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

It would be surprising if either the Medici line or the reign of Henry IV of France were absent from Nostradamus' Prophecies but this is not the case and they are part of threads about the secondary issues covering events before the great mutations of the 21st century. Such a theme can be found in the text of the current verse with its references to the third (of the King Henry series) being worse than Nero in a period where human blood flowed freely and burnings were frequent. This king was succeeded by Henry IV after another of the constant religious wars that vexed the 16th century. It was under this new kings reign that a period known as a Golden Age came to France. Maria de Medici, a Florentine princess became his wife in 1600 and the day before his death in 1610 she was crowned Queen of France. Althougn Henry's infidelities created considerable scandal there were many other causes of gossip and slander about his wife. The following are extracts from the Wikipedia entry on Maria de Medici, Queen of France.

Maria Medici married Henri IV by proxy in 1600 and the wedding was a festive occasion in the city with a spectacular ceremony in the Cathedral. In spite of her husband's infidelity, the marriage was blessed with several children and Maria showed herself useful in affairs of state while encouraging cultural life at court. On the death of her husband, she acted as regent, though by the time Louis XIII came of age, she had allied herself with Spain and against her son. Cardinal Richelieu turned the tables and Louis XIII regained his throne, banishing his mother from court.
...The marriage was successful in producing children, but it was not a happy one. The queen feuded with Henry's mistresses in language that shocked French courtiers. She quarrelled mostly with her husband's leading mistress, Catherine Henriette de Balzac d'Entragues, whom he had promised he would marry following the death of his former "official mistress", Gabrielle d'Estrees. When he failed to do so, and instead married Marie, the result was constant bickering and political intrigues behind the scenes. Although the king could have easily banished his mistress, supporting his queen, he never did so. She, in turn, showed great sympathy and support to her husband's banished ex-wife Margaret of Valois , prompting Henry to allow her back into the realm.

Some of the detail of this story such as Florentine Queen is contained within the anagrams but their inclusion is meant as identifying keys linking this and another theme, the building of calendars using ancient poetic-chant coding methods.

The anagrams providing the keys for resolving this verses storylines include:

elite priest primes empire pyres Florentine queen spy interlopers
Le tiers premier pys que ne feit Neron

unvaried vexilla (Lat: military flag) Quantilla quest humaniser angu[i]sh Persian Sumerian panders
Vuidex vaillant que ſang humain reſpandre

reified [make real] fire feral foe for Nero friend
Redifier fera le forneron

decries older wave mon[i]tor androgynes gory dragonry calendars dangers  increased
Siecle d'or mort nouueau roy grand eſclandre
The third one first does worse than Nero,
How much human blood to flow, valiant, be gone:
He will cause the furnace to be rebuilt,
Golden Age dead, new King great scandal.
Le tiers premier pys que ne feit Neron
Vuidex vaillant que ſang humain reſpandre
Redifier fera le forneron
Siecle d'or mort nouueau roy grand eſclandre.
  1. <spry fLoreNtine queens empire rites><fLoreNtine queens prime Listener prey><prime queys>
  2. <Sumerian queSt hang><perSian unVaried><all via equantS><vexilla [hymn] equant>< Quantilla [fourth ] vex agenS humaniSer (Joseph Scaliger?)>
  3. <for nero fire real fRiend><feral foe Reified [made real]>
  4.  <older gory calendarS increaSed><your colder icelanderS dangerS><icelander'S auue dragonry S><older gory icelanderS aScend>
  1. Vexilla, Quantilla
  2. Florentine
  3. humaniser, reified, increased
  4. -
  5. Sumerian, friend, colder
  6. queys, Icelanders
  7. equants, unvaried, calendars
  8. quest
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -
  12. Queens, gory
  13. -
  14. -
  15. listener
  16. spry, ascend
  17. dragonry, preys
  18. -
  19. -
  20. respire

Key Ideas:

Florentine, queen, unharming, Persian-Man, androgynes, interlopers, increased, vexilla, quantilla gory, quest, Calendars, unvaried, Sumerian, Icelanders, humaniser, reified, reptiles, friend, decries colder, listener, hung,town, empires,

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