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Nostradamus C9 Q36: Aged are encouraged to believe that dangerous operations offer eternal life.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The first line of text takes on a different sinister meaning when read as the action of an older man who chooses the hands of a young man to replace his own diseased limbs. The anagrams support this interpretation while the rest of the text can be taken as descriptions of the operation itself and the technology employed to fuse the limbs to the arms of the recipient.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

maidens enjoy graven dragonry Milanese priory sinner enters eternalism
Vn grand Roy prins entre les mains d'vn Joyne

none doing oil apes casque fusion Sufi cousin corpulent colopuncture
Non loing de Paſque confuſion coup cultre

pact fits fouled m[a]p-quest unleash precept learned 
Perpet captifs temps que fouldre en la huſne

truer roles quest forties refer blesses Norse torment
Lors que trois freres ſe bleſſeront et murtre..
A great King taken by the hands of a young man,
Not far from Easter confusion knife thrust
Everlasting captive times what lightning on the top
When three brothers will wound each other and murder.
Vn grand Roy prins entre les mains d'vn Joyne
Non loing de Paſque confuſion coup cultre
Perpet captifs temps que fouldre en la huſne
Lors que trois freres ſe bleſſeront et murtre.
L1: <grand envoy streamlines pensionry><males sin resent> dnyapr enjoy divans radon eternalism dory dragonry relents envy steamliner milanese aim priory spinner iames seminal masniel sinner sameline ordnary

L2: <deign no corpulent oil><once pasque doing cult coup fusion> confuse colopuncture cousin none puccoon sacque scion sufi coins paques noodling cup

L3: <foulques learned><pens carpet enflouuerel><capet fits> foul chateaulerennes peneus precept louder flouued fouled learned helena peter unleash d

L4: <seer blesses sefirot truer torment><quest roles refer><norse mutter> route rotten ferries forties questor fires riots lesser refers
1: colopuncture, pensionry, puccoon, flouued, precept, priory,
2: corpulent, foulques, dnyapro, divans, Helena,
3: streamlines, unleash, enjoy,
4: envoy,
5: confuse, questor, spinner, fouled, blesses, ferries,
6: eternalism, steamliner, streamline, fusion, mutter, sinner, peneus,
7: quorrels, intenser,
8: envy,
9: smelter, pasque, paques, quest,
10: noodling, casque, sacque, cult,
11: Milanese, cousin, graven, joy,
12: forties, sefirot,
13: nonoil, hauls,
14: essbel, gvern, foul,
15: torment, carpet, sufi,
16: spade,
17: dragonry, ordnary,
18: ounce,
19: rondy,
20: fires,
21: sfirot, lender,
22: bless,
23: masniel, seminal, doing,

pensionry, streamlines, corpulent, colopuncture, eternalism, flowed, Dnyapro, precept, noodling, priory, divans, unleash, questor, confuse, dragonry, Helena, spinner, fouled, blesses, ferries intenser, fusion, sinner, mutter, Milanese, envoy, enjoy, cousin, joy, graven, hauls, torment, forties, casque, foul, dragonry, cult, envy, fires, Sifi, bless, carpet, seminal, doing.


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