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Nostradamus C9 Q40: People harvesting plants rich in asteroid minerals are slaughtered.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text and anagrams combine to produce the story of a female rebal who leads the attack on a site processing materials from asteroids that are used in enhancing plant seed growth. Such a theme is consistent wth other verses in this section. The anagrams also give a picture of increased oceanic acidness and imply a connection with the military actions of the Jesus clones.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Perseids perils depress quin disquieten inquinated (corrupted) lands flora best strobilus protrusible
Pres de Quintin dans la foreſt bourlis

abbey lands baby eyes see foresent mens Hades flame enhancers
Dans L'abbaye ſeront Flamens ranches

oceanids routes set up my Lord-Iesus code system wisps eludes outsider
Les deux puiſnais de coups my eſtourdis

suit poet Pope seers see great detour chases
Suitte oppreſſee et garde tous aches
Near Saint-Quintin in the forest deceived,
In the Abbey the Flemish will be cut up
The two younger sons half-stunned by blows,
The rest crushed and the guard all cut to pieces.
Pres de Quintin dans la foreſt bourlis
Dans L'abbaye ſeront Flamens ranches
Les deux puiſnais de coups my eſtourdis
Suitte oppreſſee et garde tous aches
L1: <quin presides><for a unit lands in troubles><robust perils>astrofel quintin spiders lies spurred strobilus buto best softer protrusible disquieten inquinated sandalfon(10th sephira) perseids quinte sandn

L2: <a handless abbey><a baby see a lands frontal enarch><lands ranches flame><a baby seer><mens frontal>fontal names easy hades babaylanes enhancers abbey baba abab(jupiter) abba aabb heads foresent flat chased daesh

L3: <system our codes uxed slides up><unis outsiders ideas expulsed my> oceanids acidness spumy diocesan duplexes uxed dianes codes tudor ursid sudri detours messy

L4: <chases outraged><peeress targeted><she sugarcoated suit><poet press hussite> great educators eagerest steerage pope detour isus iesus prop uses cash titus octaues detours tissue tag
1: protrusible, sugarcoated, inquinated, Babaylanes, strobilus, enhancers, handless, Hussite, spumy,
2: disquieten, diocesan / oceanids, targeted, abbey,
3: educators, outraged, sliders, system, baby,
4: outsiders, expulsed, duplexes, acidness, frontal, manners, baba,
5: troubles, Quintin, octaues, spiders, fontal, robust, coups,
6: Perseids / presides, eagerest / steerage, Nablas,
7: ranches, eyes,
8: slider, messy, suits,
9: bouts, Titus, heads / Hades, pope,
10: Astrofel,
11: foresent, peeress, flat, easy,
12: -
13: -
14: detours (2x), slides,
15: bay,
16: -
17: Iesus / issue,
18: forsent, chased, flame, shed,
19: bout, poet,
20: flora,
21: pressed, ousted, aides / ideas.
22: -
23: -

protrusible, sugarcoated, strobilus, inquinated, Babaylanes, disquieten, enhancers, handless, educators, oceanids, acidness,  outsiders, outraged, Hussite, targeted, abbey, duplexes, spumy, troubles, Quintin, Perseids, robust, frontal, system, eagerest, Pope, foresent, flame, Titus, Hades, Astrofel, peeress, easy, detours, slides, bay, Jesus, chases, poet, flora, pressed, ideas, ousted.


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