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Nostradamus C9 Q55: Pestilence transferred from Middle East to North West France through a war started by the West.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In the anagrams included in this verse a sickness is transferred from the Middle-East to the north-eastern mountains of France. It is here that Nostradamus' text brings together many of the horrors that dominate the preceding verses (See C9 Q54 etc).

Amongst the anagrams those for que'rer clone (erre qu' - en l'oc) and accidents (ccident s'a) may  reflect on the story of the Jesus clone who has androgynous attributes.

The anagrams from which the key for solving this verse will come include:

queerer queen clone accidents repeats repasts horrible beguiler reurge pedants shelter
L'horrible guerre qu'en l'occident s'apreſte

unwise valetudinarian inundative Palestine clienteles
L'an enſuiuant viendra la peſtilence

set sefiroth for Benelux horrible juvenile-queue 
Si fort horrible que jeune vieulx ne beſte

Agens  fume recur Juras pit enter Saracen transference
Sang feu Mercure Mars Jupiter en France.
The horrible war which is being prepared in the West
The following year will come the pestilence
So very horrible that young, old, nor beast,
Blood, fire Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.
L'horrible guerre qu'en l'occident s'apreſte
L'an enſuiuant viendra la peſtilence
Si fort horrible que jeune vieulx ne beſte
Sang feu Mercure Mars Jupiter en France
  1. <occidentals queen reurge><beguiler hoLSter queer discrepant clone> <lone accidents preSet><clone diStance><horribLesSt parents><Shelter pedants><SheLter past><instead preSet><queerer bulge> PatternleSs
  2. <valetudinarian [sickly person] epiStle cLean><inundative Sun><paleStine / penaltieS native Suuine cLean lard><unindurative [unhardened tissue] palliatEs [eases without curing]> Splenetic cLeanlieSt cLienteleS
  3. <benelux SiteS for thor>< beSt Sefiroth><unveilx fortieS beSet><frothieSt beer-liquor> froStieSt june
  4. <agenS fuMe cure rearMs Jupiter><Saracen Fern><fang tranSFerence><Juras [NE France mountain range] pit>entire
  1. queerer, discrepant, valetudinarian, palliates, Benelux, Sefiroth, frostiest
  2. patternless, accidents, bulge, beguiler, shelter, inundative, unindurative, frothiest
  3. suuine (swine) / wines / sinew, transference
  4. holster, clienteles, cleanliest, Juras
  5. Palestine / penalties
  6. pedants
  7. Saracen, fang
  8. native
  9. epistle, splenetic
  10. -
  11. fume
  12. forties
  13. distance
  14. -
  15. -
  16. rearms
  17. -
  18. instead, beset
  19. -
  20. -
  21. Queen

Benelux, Juras, inundative, accident, queerer, clone, valetudinarian, splenetic, Saracen, transference, Sefiroth, frostiest, June, clienteles, beguiler, Palestine, penalties, incocted, splenetic, distance, pedants, shelter, bulge.


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