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Nostradamus C9 Q85: Dream of 22ndC war stimulated by Norse sounds for Woden.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has an anagram for dreams linking it closely with nearby verses and this affinity is apparent in the text as it presents images of an invading force penetrating the south of France. The anagrams contain many terms reinforcing the claims that Nostradamus is presenting the process by which he gained his knowledge. It can be seen that he refers to planetoid / asteroid ordinates and this becomes his dating mechanism. Another aspect providing his trigger is the use of sonorant Norse words for the god of War. The anagrams also make it apparent that the story of the Eastern man is that of a a resurrected Persian clone at a time when the seas implode and cover pastures.

This verse is an important one in the series telling the story of the asteroids at the end of thise century that will bring new biological changes to the earth. Its importance and its main focus is established by two anagrams that have a related meaning and these are asteroid ( tiedra ſo) and planetoids ( ſaint Pol de) the latter of which implies larger asteroids. And the importance of the verse is in the inclusion of a metric means of identifying related verses. There is an anagrammatic sequence saying ' wordier ditrochee sonorants' which identifies lines made up of paired words each holding double syllables that have a long syllable followed by a short syllable and which employ the letters l, m,n, r, y, or w (uu). Such a format is found throughout this verse.

The anagram for planetoid and their underlying stories unite this verse to C10 Q85.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

genu code alter personal reason presages  repass Norse apes genuine  passengers
Passer Guienne Languedoc et la Roſne

endearments named relate elongated oral lode lamented dream needs
D'Agen tenens de Marmande et la Roole

word pair for prophetic prophecy prayer tied reason Norse sonorants resonated asteroid ordinates desecration
D'ouurir par foy par roy Phoce tiedra ſon troſne

once flint upraises Persians implodent planetoids amuse
Conflit aupres ſaint Pol de Mauseole
To pass Guienne, Languedoc and the Rhone,
From Agen holding Marmande and La Roole
To open through faith the wall, Marseilles will hold
Conflict near Saint-Paul-de-Mausole.
Passer Guienne Languedoc et la Roſne
D'Agen tenens de Marmande et la Roole
D'ouurir par foy par roy Phoce tiedra ſon troſne
Conflit aupres ſaint Pol de Mauseole
L1: <norSe locate gun-deaL PresaGeS><angeL nine urGe ReaSon Pass><as Gunneries PeRSonal angeL><alteR 'gun code'><Genuine toleRanceS sParse><noRSe Genuine tale gun code sParse><oRal PaSsenGers> <oRleanS Pass celt urGe>

L2: <dreaM named lateR><endearMents elated man><elongAteD oRal en ens dreaM named> negAteD alteRed

L3: <norSe Pray for uuorD-pair ordinateS><uuorDier ditrochee SonorantS><Norse foray portray-Prophetic uuord><arSon deceit><uuoDenS aSteroid Prophecy-roar>deSecration Steadier

L4: <PerSians plot Made use><aeolus (keeper of winds) onCe Seas iMPlodent><lift upraiSes a Clone><leo PlanetoidS aMuse><pleaSurist Made a Point leo use><PaintS old pasture onCe leo lift aMuse><usa Model PaintS onCe leo Spirulate>
1: placentiferous, nondelegate, planetoids, endearments, implodent, ditrochee, sonorants, unreeling,
2: pleasurist, elongated, gunneries,
3: passengers, relocated, tradename, located, endouus / UUodens, 
4: desecration, uuordier, uuorried, genuine, locate, amused, Medusa, dogue, uuord,
5: planetoid, passenger, asteroid, guncode, parry,
6: spirulate, pastures, negated, endouu, ouuned / UUoden,
7: lamented, personas, malused, presages, foray,
8: ordinates,
9: flection, upraises, steadier, epoch, model,
10: tolerances, personal, Aeolus,
11: gundeal, undoes, plot,
12: -
13: Perseans, altered / related /alerted ennui,
14: paint, amuse,
15: Persians, remands, cartel / claret,
16: deceit,
17: -
18: pasture, elated, lift,
19: Persias / praises / Serapis, renamed, tirade,
20: astride / tirades, amends, dreams,
21: -
22: Armand,
23: tired / tried.

implodent, ditrochee, sonorants, located, planetoids, elongated, passengers, unreeling, wordier, endearments, pleasurist, amused, pastures, negated, gunneries, genuine, gun code, endows, desecration, presages, locate, spirulate, asteroid, ordinates, lamented, foray, malused, steadier, epoch, model, upraises, personal, tolerances, Aeolus, gundeal, undoes, plot, related, Persians, cartel, Persias, tirade, amends, tired, dreams.



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