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Nostradamus C9 Q95: A newly converted leader is elected to suppress childbirth in a new species.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse continues to detail the participants in the war and introduces reasons why this war is so critical to the future of man- it is about the rise of a new species of creatures with greater mental abilities than man.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Nowel wave conduct early reelection re-excite faction underlay Occitan axle
Le nouueau faict conduyra l'exercite

James chore wakes Wierds (Norns) persuade super ape pursued crop map  
Proche apame juſques aupres du riuage

sect attend source antecedents entitled condensate documentaries milder counters
Tendant ſecour de Milannoile eſlite

key used freed Jesus age creed vipers inflame caged animal
Duc yeux priue a Milan fer de cage
The newly made one will lead the army,
Almost cut off up to near the bank
Help from the Milanais elite straining,
The Duke deprived of his eyes in Milan in an iron cage
Le nouueau faict conduyra l'exercite
Proche apame juſques aupres du riuage
Tendant ſecour de Milannoile eſlite
Duc yeux priue a Milan fer de cage
L1: <erectile axle early x conduct>< reexcite> reelection toluene underlay ray uuon election relax recite lyra occitan auue

L2: <each map progue(poked) age><uuiser age> jesu cheap usurped uueirds chore uuierds uuird prague pursued persuades durers ursid sudri page apache crop sqeuus

L3: <and our sect tenet lies online mailed><leonine titles><list ascendent><documentaries end><see counterdemands oil><tenanted source><entitles undemocratised><antecedents elites><milder course> unescorted ascent condensate entitled octanes anion cadents s l

L4: <ux cey><caged animal freed><final creed><uuexpiry cued>finale feminal reinflamed inflame aim candelifera(birth goddess) ux alnaim amelia
1: undemocratised, counterdemands, candelifera, antecedents, reinflamed, uuexpiry, entitled,
2: documentaries, condensate, reelection, tenanted, mailed, milder, caged,
3: unescorted, ascendent, underlay, andiette, uuisard, uueirds, uuierds, entitle,
4: toluene, relax, axle,
5: conduct, occitan, entitles, feminal, inflame, erectile, titles, uuird,
6: courtesan, apache, nolan, title, prix,
7: election, reexcite, cadents, rexcite, spurred, leonine, lineone, refaced, amelia, cey,
8: octanes, pursued, usurped, durers, ursid, sudri, early, layer,
9: counters,
10: cage,
11: sourced, scoured, anion, aryl, lyra,
12: alnaim, animal, cordu,
13: persuades, perssuade, page,
14: online, prague,
15: horace, eloise,
16: finale, aqueus, uuaqes,
17: proge,
18: final, creed, heap,
19: copperah, recite, reiect, jesu, jeus,
20: cheap, defer, freed,
21: -
22: -
23: -

documentaries, counterdemands, Candelifera, antecedents, condensate, entitled, unescorted, reelection, Occitan, courtesan, ascendent, underlay, tenanted, conduct, mailed, Wierds, inflame, milder, counters, persuades, Leonids, sourced, toluene, final, creed, recite, Jesu, animal, cage.

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