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Nostradamus C10 Q53: A domineering concubine exploits a younger woman's organs.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is closely linked to the previous verse and uses the tale of a woman's use of one of her clones as its mechanism for debating the religious dilemma that unfolds during the 22ndC.

Anagrams of highest use in resolving this verse include:

stolen stories sliced spell Godliness sign enters nitrogens barter enrol
Les trois pellices de loing s'entrebatron

Pauls dragonism domain domineered unremedied area close out plagues era
La pus grand moindred emeurera a l'eſcoute

Leningrads slandering Englanders line nine ensnare Pauls applausers longer parts
Le grand Selin n'en ſera plus patron

lone omen frame fear
Le nommera feu pelte blanche routte
The three concubines will enter into a long battle
The greatest one the least will remain to watch
The great Selin will no longer be her patron,
She will call him fire shield white route.
Les trois pellices de loing s'entrebatron
La pus grand moindred emeurera a l'eſcoute
Le grand Selin n'en ſera plus patron
Le nommera feu pelte blanche routte
L1: <poetries godliness><riots spell><enter sign><abort stolen><stories batter> barter nitrogens pillories portliness regents resenting losing baronet isolde beta clil leonids barret bear oeil berta ensign pellice legions isil

L2: <unremedied scale out random plagues> raimond reimond pauls domineered gourmands osculate reminded copulates scout damn close rare solace nimrod domain monad dragonism redden redeem area domna

L3: < patrons send linen grael><and lines longer parts ensnare paul><irelands longer past paul>supernal(heavenly) postural slandering uppsalr uppsala pastor past atropus endlines rennes englanders nine supernals dangers

L4: <outlet form-name><outlet frane omen><charnel ><far up belate> hero chore route fear roulette table enarch belt mem bet blanche
1: dragonism, gourmands, domineered, copulates, unremedied, supernals, resenting, formname, reminded,
2: portliness, godliness, pillories, nitrogens, roulette, endlines,
3: slandering, supernal, St Paul,
4: postural, osculate, plagues, pellice,
5: englanders, greenlands, banter,
6: abort, linen,
7: charnel, baronet, barton, ensnare, barret, barter, clil,
8: Blanche, Reimond, domain,Nimrod, regents, batter, redden,
9: -
10: Raimond, Leonids, spoiler,
11: Irelands, Uppsala,
12: Atropus, pastor, oiled, frame,
13: patrons, Isolde, Rennes,
14: longer, redeem,
15: solace,
16: Uppsalr, scout,
17: -
18: outlet, table,
19: ensign,
20: beat, beta,
21: petal, plate, belt,
22: random, monad,
23: legion, ginole, lends.

dragonism, gourmands, domineered, unremedied, portliness, copulates, slandering, Godliness, pillories, supernals, nitrogens, resenting, Englanders, postural, plagues, reminded, EndLines, roulette, osculate, Nimrod, Uppsala, Atropus, domain, patron, spoiler, longer, outlet, ensnare.

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