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Nostradamus C10 Q57: Cremation as a preferred means of dealing with diseased members of a royal family.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The theme of death rituals occurs in several of Nostradamus' Prophecies and especially the treatment of those who die from disease. This verse has anagrams that make it of that type. They also focus on astronomy and mention Perseus, the immortalised king who was father to Andromeda, wife of Hercules. This allegory is one which Nostradamus uses in many verses to parallel his stories of a royal dynasty of our time.

Anagrams that give a frame to this verse include:

ancestors spectre blues blew sorting cogenerations nosogenetic (pathogenetic)  narcosis 
Le ſubleue ne cognoiſtra ſon ſceptre

Jesu[s] fans seen June hands on linear seeds splurges
Les enfans jeunes des plus grands honnira

reconquest once Queens enfuse  futu[r][e]v[e]nt  puls[e] words cruelest clustered
Oncques ne fut vn plus ord cruel eſtre

powerless rulers espouse astronomies ban astronome brain amuses Perseus
Pour leurs eſpouſes a mort noir bannira             
The uplifted one will not know his scepter,
He will disgrace the young children of the greatest ones
Never was there a more filthy and cruel being,
For their wives the king will banish them to death.
Le ſubleue ne cognoiſtra ſon ſceptre
Les enfans jeunes des plus grands honnira
Oncques ne fut vn plus ord cruel eſtre
Pour leurs eſpouſes a mort noir bannira.
  1. <Son rEspect cogenerationS uSe blue><noSogenic [pathogenic] anceStorS><noSogenetic [pathogenetic] arSon preSeLect><once roaSting SonS preSelect bluest><congo arSoniSts> <once aSSorting>narcOseS congeStion repLete bleuu>
  2. <~junes splurges ends hands on linear fan see~> <fan jesu needs> <grand pulses>
  3. <Once queens><cOnquer crueleSt rod enfuse><queens cruder electrOns><cOnquer cluStered)
  4. <perſeus< King & star] rule><prouueSs monitor Seas> <pouuerleSs aStronomies><astronome [Fr. Astronomer] brain><eSpouSes moration [delaying] rules)>aSsumes repulSes aeronomiSts [student of upper ion layers]
1: cogenerations, nosogenetic, clustered, bleuu,
2: aeronomists, astronomies, congestion, astrominor, reconquest, nosogenic, assorting, prouuesses, arsonists, asumes, assume,
3: reconquests, astronome, prouulers, Congo, Arinna, hands, Jens,
4: pouuerless, roasting, storing, sorting, narcoses, cruder, Junes,
5: prouuess, Brion,
6: moration, ancestors, preselect, conquer,
7: cruelest, lectures, espouses, repulses, Perseus (2x), replete, arsons,
8: splurges, monitor, curled, spores, curd,
9: brain,
10: -
11: -
12: queens, ensued,
13: crude / cured,
14: matrons, enfuse,
15: arsonist, stars,
16: nearmost / Menastor, sensed, cog,
17: -
18: respect / sceptre / spectre, speeds, rulers, Ranni (2x),
19: espouse, Jesu,
20: realise, blues,
21: louuer, Amos, ruler, June.
22: -
23: -

cogenerations, nosogenetic, clustered, blew, aeronomists, astronomies, congestion, reconquest, nosogenic, assorting, prowesses, arsonists, asumes, reconquests, astronome, prowlers, Congo, Arinna, hands, Jens, powerless, roasting, storing, narcoses, cruder, Junes, prowess, Bmoration, ancestors, preselect, conquer, cruelest, espouses, repulses, Perseus, replete, arsons, splurges, monitor, curled, spores, curd, brain, queens, ensued, cured, matrons, arsonist, stars, near-most, sensed, cog, respect, speeds, rulers, Ranni, espouse, Jesu, realise, blues, lower.

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