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Nostradamus C10 Q94: 21st century rejects Nostradamus' visions.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

As the Prophecies draw to a close Nostradamus draws together the methods he has used to encode his themes of the destruction of the 21st Century way of life. His text is is also a commentary on the reception of his work by the people of our time who he always knew wouldn't and couldn't accept the images he had incorporated.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

end missed versatile relatives- dimness relates re-encodement  leaders invent set convenient nemesis
De Niſmes d'Arles et Vienne contemner

citadel ethics Pesher sphere co-latitude pre-techniques obey
N'obey tout a l'edict Hespericque

Belarussa labour prize rule danger clangored named
Aux labouriez pour le grand condamner

Apep seen Hebraist habits chase quick Sephira excise
Six eſchappez en habit ſeraphicque.
Scorn from Nimes, from Arles and Vienne,
Not to obey the Hesperian edict:
To the tormented to condemn the great one,
Six escaped in seraphic garb.
De Niſmes d'Arles et Vienne contemner
N'obey tout a l'edict Hespericque
Aux labouriez pour le grand condamner
Six eſchappez en habit ſeraphicque.
  1. <~leAders NemeSis invent re-encoDement~><remiNDS leAders set conVenient men> <miSsed VersAtile / relAtiVes eND><Vilest / leVites dreAms>.<leAders DimNeSs><miSsed eND interleaVes>
  2. <~dialect pretecHNiques out (to) obey~><citadel tout spHere> <yet spHere colatitude> <price eThics><pierces / precise ditCh><ebony ditcHes toluate price>
  3. <our large prize><uxA labour>regular <dracon manned><~uxA clangored zuperior labour manned~>
  4. <a hebraisT (Hebrew language expert)><Sephira quieScex (quietens)><papez / apepz hibernateS><exciSeS quic><Sepharic / aSpheric bit enhaze>tribeS
  1. reencodement, reminds, obey, co-latitude, enhaze, hibernates, excises, Hebraisant, Sepharic / aspheric
  2. convenient, pre-techniques, ebony / boney, ditch, ditches, prize,
  3. interleaves, Hebraist
  4. versatile / relatives, Sephira
  5. Levites / evilest, dimness, pierces /precise
  6. ethics, manure,
  7. vilest, toluate, labour, clangored, onement, Seraph, detail
  8. chique, habits, invent, quiesce, missed, prices, Nicene, ethic,
  9. emeralds, quince , price
  10. -
  11. cirque, sphere / Pesher, lax
  12. chest
  13. manned
  14. dialect / citadel
  15. nemesis
  16. rinsed, bits,
  17. -
  18. chaps / Pasch,
  19. ideal,
  20. habit, dreams
  21. -
  22. -
  23. -

re-encodement, reminds, Levites, Hebraist, Sephira, convenient, pre-technique, interleaves, ethics, labour, invent sphere, co-latitude, citadel , toluate, nemesis, missed, clangored price, pierces, versatile, dreams, obey, habits.


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