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Nostradamus' verses on radiation events triggering 21stC viral wars

Allan Webber Mar 2020.

Preamble: In the first chart of this series I stated:

Nostradamus' work holds many conundrums designed to limit access to the content of his Prophecies. This is true to an extent where most people believe his work is the deliberate shambles of a charlatan. Yet there is direct evidence in his prose writings that show he had a pre-thought plan which guided his work. His Preface to the first batch of Prophecies published in 1552 clearly indicate that he already knew the content that his Prophecies would cover. He wasn't making it up as he went but took his already recorded events in what seems a random order and placed them in a new sequence which he called his ten Centuries.
In order to keep control over his writings Nostradamus then needed a scheme that would tell him which topics he had already covered and he did this by relying on a coding device well known in the sixteenth century. It is part of the Cabala but the reasons for its use don't necessarily require that he believed in the mystical principles at the heart of its source. He needed a scheme that a person in a later time would be able to associate with the time of his writing. The Tree of Life also known as the Sefirot, Sephirot or Sephiroth was such a device. It is probable that he drew up charts based on these trees in which he placed ten verses and then used the ciphers traditionally linked to the ten spheres of the tree to guide the content wording and lettering in each verse.

Nostradamus' 16thC perspective of 21stC events.

Hysteria and paranoia affected life in 16thC France whether it was via the Inquisition, the threat of Saracen invasion, the menace of the Holy Roman Empire, the conjunction of planets in 1503 and 1524, the constant cycle of plague or the increasingly horrific battles between the Orthodox and emerging Christian faiths. But for all of its prevalence it was hard to  use it as a well controlled military or political tool. The use of disease to destroy or weaken an enemy was at times practiced but always it was constrained by the inability to limit its effects to the enemy.

So if Nostradamus did indeed see the future the capabilities for such new weaponry should be in his prophecies. In proclaiming his writings were aimed at a time 500 years in the future and that it would be understood at that time means he was wrong in those claims if he didn't see and understand the importance of things we now know and take for granted.

Aim of this presentation

This Sefirot Chart brings together ten verses that imply very strongly that Nostradamus understood modern weaponry and military strategies. Amongst those understood were nuclear weapons  and biological disease together with the weaponising of an enemy's hysteria and paranoia to achieve a military goal. 

Frequency of prominent anagrams in this Sefirot

Appearing in this cluster are words, terms and phrases such as

(1) governmental (1) factions (5), elementoid (1),  actinides,
actinoid/s (2), columbate (1), tantalumite (1), cadaverin ((1) , paranoia (1) and  hysteria (2).

Throughout this series of Sefirots covering plague events (and in all the other series) you will see that the story lines of this Sefirot about modern weapons and wars ties in with unique ideas presented in others of the same series. There are very powerful links in many places as shown in the image given below. In addition the ideas of paranoia and hysteria were introduced in a general way in other clusters but here those very terms form part of the linked anagrams.

In building links in each Sefirot I firstly use the least frequently occurring anagrams. I also choose those that match the words in the text. So when you see words such as radioelements, elementoids, actinides, Budapest, governmental, cadaverin, columbate, tantalamite, paranoia and hysteria in this Sefirot they are enhanced by the facts that are very limited or singular in number and they appear in a relevant setting. Many of them also were unknown concepts in the 16thC.

Nostradamus Prophecies C7 Q19 Budapest governmental factionsBut they are often far more powerful than just anagrams standing alone in a sea of unrelated lettering. In this sefirot this can be very easily demonstrated by those found in C7 Q19. In the last line three anagrams illustrate that power; they are Budapests, Governmental and Factions. These three words form adjacent anagrams taking up all the lettering of the line. They also give depth to the line in which they are found for it refers to a serious level of debate. The other lines have there own contributions if not quite at the same level. For instance actinides are radioactive metallic silvery elements and this has extraordinary compatibility with two lines which say a battle is one using a shining metal feared by the citizens. And then there are the anagrams for columbate and tantalumite which have obviously independent lettering yet those two terms are the names used for rare earth minerals from which radioactive elements used in production of weapons are sourced.

So within in one verse there is totally inexplicable entwining of relevance to each other and Nostradamus story line. And the collection of verses in this sefirot takes it further by intertwining the anagrams and visible story line in a cohesive and compelling fashion. If you then take sefirots on similar or separate topics you will perceive how they complement each other. The story lines converge into a stream that meshes with the two prefaces that accompanied the Prophecies. 

Before reading the content in the sefirot it is necessary to highlight a few of the anagrams that are not terms of the 16thC nor despite their modernity are they used by most people of our day.

actinides: series of radioactive metallic elements in Group 3 of the periodic table . Members of the series are often called actinides and include Actinium; Neptunium; Thorium;  Uranium; Plutonium.

elementoid: resembling an element


columbite: also called niobite, niobite-tantalite and columbate [(Fe, Mn)Nb2O6], is a black mineral.

tantalumite: mineral source of the rare earths tantalum and niobium which are essential in 21stC electronics. Both metals are shiny but not white.

cadaverin[e]: is a foul-smelling toxic diamine compound produced by the putrefaction of animal tissue.

calefacient: a drug or other substance that gives a sensation of warmth.

If you wish to see all the data about frequency and adjacency of anagrams for any verse in the cluster click on its link below.

C10 Q87 C1 Q44 C2 Q06 C1 Q40 C5 Q08 C7 Q19 C5 Q47 C4 Q88 C8 Q50 C10 Q33

The Sefirot I present below illustrates each of the points made above.

Nostradamus Prophecies Plague Radiation as trigger for21stC  wars








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