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Nostradamus Prophecies and predictions related to Martin Luther King.

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Martin Luther King

Dr Martin Luther  King Jr was killed by James Earl Ray with a single shot from long distance on April 4th 1968 in Memphis Tennessee. Ray was using the name Ramon George Sneyd when he was arrested on June 12th 1968 at Heathrow Airport as he attempted to leave the UK. Ray had escaped from prison a year earlier and had, despite being an escaped criminal, crossed the USA border into Canada and Mexico on several occasions. After the assassination he somehow managed an escape to the UK and from there he visited other countries before his arrest.

As bizarre as it may seem that this name should be found in Nostradamus' text, it is no more or less bizarre than the story behind the murder and the murderer. It is one of those events that creates controversy and, from whichever way its viewed, it has many puzzling elements.

I have no particular interest in resurrecting an old controversy but as James Ray and Martin Luther King emerge out of my work I will need to explain as I go why old news has current relevance. 

My many years of work on these anagrams has led me to believe there is a logic to Nostradamus' words, regardless or not of whether he could see the future and this becomes more and more apparent as patterns emerge from below the surface and by their consistent recurrence led to the definition of my rules of analysis. These rules are the cornerstone of all my presentations and the same is true in this analysis.

My major tools were discovered in the period from 1994 to 2005 CE. They involve:

  • use of whole anagrams, especially those large, complex words supported by relevant anagrams adjacent to the key word.
  • accepting the veracity of the spelling until the major structure of a line has been understood.
  • rejecting premature meaning given to non-meaningful words in the visible text (such as anagorique and ethnographies .
  • accepting that the meaning of Nostradamus' words, although cryptic, are meant to be understood. 

In addition the message of the anagrams and the visible text need to be supportive of each other. 

As I developed the papers on Nuclear material and floods I came to appreciate additional rules that are inbuilt into each line and each verse. These rules explain some of the dilemmas that have faced people over the years.

These rules are:

  • the message always has a threefold aspect based on the time premise behind the Fates, Moiras, Norns or Parques.
  • the time aspects are never unrelated and are chosen to be allegories for a past, present and future event.
  • the aspects may appear in the visible or hidden text or be intertwined in each.


An Unusual King and his domain

When I began writing this section of my work in 2007 I was of the the belief Nostradamus' work held several tales one of which was about kings and queen. Early in my effort to grasthe nature of this Royal trail I found the trail diverging. It still followed the path of a king but not any that I had previously considered, in fact I only knew the man as a name from the history of our times. 

In the development of this diverging trail I entered another name which was suggested by the story. It was entered for analysis into my program to see if there was a particular anagram in the text of Nostradamus Prophecies. The name I searched for was Ramon-George-Sneyd and it was entered as a single block (Ramongeorgesneyd). To my huge surprise I found it in line two of Centuries VIII, quatrein 80 (Tant de maulx faitz par moyen se grand Roge). I had entered it totally convinced it would not emerge and the test was done for the sake of rigour rather than any expectation of success. The likelihood of finding any particular name is exceptionally low as shown below.

Amongst the tens of thousands of names I have tried that don't exist as whole anagrams are George-Bush, Bush, George (except as a non-anagram of Saint George), President-Bush, Tony-Blair, Michel-de-Nostredame, Michel-Nostredame, Nostradamus, John-Howard, Howard, UUashington., Allan-UUebber, Allan-Thomas-UUebber. It is exceptionally rare to find a name as a whole anagram. Some of the ones in the list above can be found as single-split anagrams and of these the most complex is probably Michel Nostredame in Centuries II Quatrein 86 L.4 (L'Herault soy rendre a crier est commis..L'He). There is also President Bush in Centuries III Quatrein 72 L.4 (Pres du Thesin Rubicon pugne incerte). There are no single-split anagrams for George-Bush, John-Howard, George-Washington and so it is reasonable to conclude that even when split it is not easy to find a particular name.

It is clearly exceptional to find a name as complex as Ramon-George-Sneyd by use of my search mechanism. But of course, the finding of it means nothing in terms of proof, for it becomes remarkable after it is found and if it wasn't there (as I had expected) I would have made no comment. And as a name it probably means nothing to most people in the world. It's not even the real name of the person who used it. That man was James Earl Ray, murderer of a king, but not a royal king. It is not through the probability/ improbability of its existence but the context in which the anagram of the false identity is found that implies its import may be above that of chance alone. My aim in this paper is to reveal the context and to show how this leads to further insights into the mechanisms at work in Nostradamus' Prophecies.

As mentioned earlier the trail diverged while I was researching verses with a seemingly royal connection. I had uncovered the name Harry in verses where kings, queens and princes were mentioned. This name seemed to be associated with an anagram that was either arrest or rarest. It was linked to a park and seemed to bear on environmental protest. These endeavours brought me to Centuries IX, Quatrein 34 L.3 where I could find the following message or some variant on it. 

Harry triple arrest. Terrestrial litter in Vincent's park (Par cinq cens vn trahyr sera tiltre).

The full verse is shown below.

C9 Q34

  The single part afflicted will be mitred,
Return conflict to pass over the tile
For five hundred one to betray will be titled
Narbonne and Saulce we have oil for knives
Le part soluz mary sera mittre
Retour conflict passera sur le thu
Par cinq cens vn trahyr sera tiltre
Narbon et Saulce par coutaux auons d'huille

The other other lines also hold some important anagrams. In the first Pastor and martyrise can be found (Le part soluz mary sera mittre) and these words seem consistent with the visible text. In the second line was an anagram for Luther and the implication of an ill route (Retour conflict passera sur le thuille). And the fourth line held anagrams for baronet and Hudson. In the first line there is also a poorly formed anagram for St Louis (t soluz) which took my attention.

I used the terms I had found to see if an internet search could link these terms. I found mention of a Luther-Hudson car and an ecological issue in parks in St Vincents, Antigua but none of them gave coherence to either the hidden or visible messages. However one of my searches threw uthe history of a family store (

"At the turn of the 20th century, Vincent Hromadka came to St. Louis from Bohemia now part of the Czech Republic. While walking home from work at Heil Packing Co, he passed a meat market. Seeing the butcher eating chicken during the middle of the week., when chicken was very expensive, made Vince decide to operate a meat market as he did in Bohemia. 

"..In 1958 Vincent's Market was on the move again, this time it moved east back to the old neighbourhood, at 1102 Park Ave. By 1958 most of the Bohemian people were gone. The old Hudson Show, which at one time was a brewery and church, was remodelled into a grocery store, where it did business till 1963."

The connections are clear for Vincent is there in the original owner's name. Knives (butchery) were exchanged for oil (groceries). The name of the building was changed from Hudson and it was situated in Park Street, St Louis.

Surely this is a laughable set of connections. Why would Nostradamus' work contain a description of an insignificant family store in St Louis, USA? I was aware of this absurdity immediately but felt that one little side note warranted me examining this reference more closely. The side note (although it says 1102 Park Ave) refers to an event a few years later after the shohad switched to a new location on Park Ave (if the event actually occurred it refers to 1967),

"(SIDE NOTE - While at 1102 Park Ave., Vincent's Market was robbed by James Earl Ray. He was serving time at the Missouri State Prison for robbing Vincent's Market and a Kroger Store, when he escaped. A year latter he assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King in Memphis.)"

This short reference continues the absurd links. Earl, James Ray middle name implies a peerage (baronet), Dr Martin Luther King contains the name Luther, he is a pastor and his name has a royal tone as he is a King. The tones of the visible text also tune in to this theme with the mention of the afflicted one and betrayal.

Beyond these things which were the inspirations for my search there was another anagram I had not considered before. It is the name Ray (Mary) in the first line.

I need go no further with this verse at this time since my aim is merely to show why I began my search for the shooting of Martin Luther King by James Earl Ray. My expectation was that these were indeed coincidental aberrations and there would be no support for them as I analysed further. I had no basis for giving this verse credibility since it seemed irrelevant to Nostradamus. And in addition I had nothing but the most casual of interests in the topic.


There is one verse that holds the name Memphis in its visible text and none that hold it in the hidden text. This single verse Centuries VII, Quatrein 79 has been associated with Martin Luther King's death by other analysts of Nostradamus but I only became aware of these after my analysis of this verse was complete. Other analysts have been limited by the cryptic nature of the symbols and had little means of checking the veracity of their work.

C10 Q79

  The old roads will all be improved,
One proceeds on them to the modern Memphis
The great Mercury of Hercules fleur-de-lis
Causing to tremble lands, sea and country.
Les vieux chemins Seront tous embelys
Lon paSSera a Memphis Somentree
Le grand Mercure d'Hercules fleur de lys
FaiSant trembler terre mer et contree

The following anagrams apply in Line 1. Elusive nemesis set out symbel. Sly exclusive ethnocentrisms use to embus. The word ethnocentrisms occurs as an anagram only in this line. There is no other derivative reference (ethnocentrism / ethnocentric etc). Ethnocentric behaviour was the target of Martin Luther's campaign. Exclusive also only occurs in this line. The meaning of the hidden words reflects many aspects of the civil-rights campaign and the destiny of Martin Luther King in Memphis.

The second line holds the anagrams of Moses, sophism, omens and mentorship. The Moses reference has particular application to Luther King for he was known as 'The Young Moses'. There is also a composite anagram of emphasis-moment his era pass on. The mentorshirole of Luther-King is linked into his martyrdom in Memphis.

Each of these verses will be returned to at later stages as they have much more to reveal as other aspects come to light. The next verse I introduce into the analysis is Centuries VIII quatrein 61. It holds several cryptic clues to its relevance. Martin Luther King was shot by Ray in the semi-light of dusk on April 4th 1968. The sceptre bearer, Luther King, does not emerge from his room in daylight making it more difficult for James Ray, the marksman to take aim. Luther King was there to lead a march, a siege upon the working conditions of the sanitation workers of Tennessee. The gift of the armed legion is the gun used by Ray. It was bought from the Aeromarine supply company and was identical to the weapon on which Ray had been trained by the army at the end of the second world war. A cock crowing at night is used to symbolise bad luck or an ill-event.

The visible text can therefore be read as implying that after daylight fades an assassin's gun-sights will target the pastor bringing an end to his victim's campaigns. The voice of freedom receives a gift from the ex-army zealot that ends both their sieges. 

     C8 Q61

  Never by the revelation of daylight
will he attain the mark of the sceptre bearer
Until all his sieges are at rest,
bringing to the Cock the gift of the armed legion.
Iamais par le decouurement du jour
Ne paruiendra au signe sceptrifere
Que tous ses sieges ne soyent en sejour
Portant au coq don du TAG amifere

Below are the anagrams that I find relevant to this verse (their relevance is discussed below the table and the narratives of the actual incident).

    C8 Q61 anagrams

  Iamais par le decouurement du jour

Ne paruiendra au ſigne ſceptrifere

Que tous ſes ſieges ne ſoyent en ſejour

Portant au coq don du TAG amifere.
Lampadaries (torch carriers)  real code.

Guardians interfere ruined scene. Using prescient sign respecting free

Our quote uses Jowers Tennessee genesis

Fore-image report free aim.
A-taunt on dock profiteer undo court-pattern

At the Lorraine Motel, Memphis Tennessee Dr. King was felled by a 30.06 rifle bullet at almost 6 on the evening of April 4, 1968.

 James Earl Ray. 

Martin Luther King's speech at Mason Temple in Memphis on the eve before he was assassinated is widely seen as having a prescient element:

"Well, I don't know what will happen now. We've got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn't matter with me now. Because I've been to the mountaintop. And I don't mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. And I'm happy, tonight. I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord."

Jowers was the name of the cafe owner next to the building from which the shot was fired. Jowers was charged many year after James Earl Ray's conviction for the murder and was convicted in a civil court of conspiracy in the assassination. He was considered to be unreliable and was accused of trying to raise money by exploiting notoriety gained from the court process.

The siege aspect lay in King's agenda as his main concern at that time, was not the garbage workers in Memphis, but the organization of a Poor People's March on Washington for early April where thousands of disenfranchised Americans of all races would descend on the nation's capital and protest the country's economic divisiveness.

The reference to duty men and guardians was also relevant on that night as detailed in later investigations into conspiracy theories surrounding the case.

"Police security around Dr. King had been tight for the two days he was in Memphis in April. He had been under constant surveillance by at least two plainclothes officers who did not travel with King's party; instead, they maintained a surreptitious watch over King's activities. During most of this surveillance, two of the four officers who held the 24-hour vigil around King's grouwere black: Detective Edward E. Redditt and Patrolman Willie B. Richmond.

"At the time of the shooting, Redditt had been removed from duty because an anonymous caller to the Memphis Police Department had made a threat against Redditt and his family because of the detective's perceived actions as part of the 'establishment.' At 4 p.m. April 4, Redditt left the scene of the surveillance ' Memphis Fire Station No. 2, which provided a secure and covert place from which to observe King's party. When the shots were fired, Richmond was still on duty at Fire Station No. 2, and reported hearing the shots. Richmond observed King fall to the floor of the balcony, and alerted both a tactical police unit nearby and Memphis Police headquarters. He was ordered to remain at the fire station while other officers responded to the Lorraine. Shortly afterward, Richmond was ordered to police headquarters to make a detailed report of his observations."

The National Guard also took part in the story:

"There were early signs of rioting in Memphis after Dr King's death and 4,000 members of the National Guard were drafted into the city."

I obviously had an interest at this point as to why this connection between Luther-King and James Ray should have the connectivity already shown. It only makes sense if they are part of some larger perspective relevant to Nostradamus. There are several French towns mentioned in the verses but no coherence in the pattern. It was enough for me to continue the pursuit and to follow uon what happened to James Earl Ray and the controversy surrounding the murder and its aftermath.


A little more than two months after King's death, on June 8 1968, Ray, an escaped convict who had broken out of the Missouri State Penitentiary a year before the assassination, was captured at London's Heathrow Airport while trying to leave the United Kingdom on a false Canadian passport in the name of Ramon George Sneyd. He was desperate for money. He'd been involved in robberies in the UK and this was the reason for his voyage. Ray was charged with King's murder, confessing to the assassination on March 10, 1969, (though he recanted this confession three days later) and was sentenced to 99 years in prison. On the advice of his attorney Percy Foreman, Ray took a guilty plea to avoid a trial conviction and therefore the possibility of receiving the death penalty. 

It was while exploring the above facts that I entered the name Ramon-George-Sneyd into my search program and found it existed as an anagram in Centuries VIII Quatrein 80 L.2. This line's visible text is "so many evils committed by means of the Great Red one" which seems pertinent to a murderer such as James Ray but it leaves a question, was James Earl Ray ever called the Great Red one? I can find nothing to suggest he was. The hidden text implies Ramon George Sneyd mandate, money fails as parts and this is an accurate reflection of what happened. Below is the full verse:

C8 Q80

  The blood of innocents, widow and virgin,
so many evils committed by means of Great Red
holy images placed over burning candles,
terrified by fear, none will be seen to move.
Des innocens le sang de vefue et vierge
Tant de maulx faitz par moyen se grand Roge
Saintz simulachres trempez en ardant cierge
Defrayeur crainte ne verra nul que boge

The first line tells of death befalling innocent people. The fate of the King family can easily be tied into this verse, especially that of his mother.

"On Sunday, June 30, 1974, Mrs. Alberta Williams King, the mother of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was shot and killed as she sat at the organ in the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta."

She was shot by Marcus Chenault, a twenty-one-year-old man from Ohio who claimed that "all Christians are my enemies." Alberta Williams King died later that day at the age of seventy-one.

The first line's visible text also implies murder and beneath it lies Grieve once designer greed avenged. This forms a reasonable basis for the following interpretation:

  C8 Q80 anagrams

  Des innocens le sang de vefue et vierge

Tant de maulx faitz par
moyen se grand Roge

Saintz simulachres trempez en ardant cierge

Defrayeur crainte ne verra nul que boge
Grieve less once sees-England designer furtive greed avenged.

mandate, money fails as parts

Creating angriest  musical tempers. 
Desecrating Charles agrees saints reincarnated. 

Ray freed a year. Certain bog never intervene
Unequal reverent event recur

It implies James Ray is in England to deal with the designer of a scheme which is implied by the visible text to be acts of terrorism. It is possible that the name of the person met is also contained in the hidden text. However it is not clear whether this person is involved in the assassination or part of some other scheme.

The theme of this assassination carries through into other verses, adding more detail with each occurrence. The next verse is the only verse that has a complete anagram of Jowers (as Jouuers).

C10 Q35 

  The younger son of King flagrant in burning lust
To enjoy his first cousin:

Female attire in the Temple of Artemis
Going to be murdered by unknown one of Marne
Puisnay royal flagrand d'ardant libide
Pour se jouyr de cousine germaine
Habit de femme au temple d'Arthemide
Allant murdry par incognu du Marne

The visible text once more holds the story of the tragedies that beset the king family. The younger brother of Martin Luther King Jr was Alfred Daniel Williams King. In July of 1969 he was found drowned in the swimming pool of an Atlanta motel. His questionable death was designated as having no sign of foul play. However the hidden code implies the drowning may have been affected by chemicals sprayed into the pool. It is known that many suggestions were made by the FBI and others that Martin Luther King was a womaniser. No credible evidence of this behaviour exists and the reports might well be part of normal methods of discrediting an opponent. The visible text may imply either a hidden truth or simply refer to the nature of the allegations.

Jowers is an old English name, derived from son of Joel. It is a quite common name in America. Jowers is a most unreliable witness, who was in all probability an opportunistic liar. He claimed that Ray was a dupe, not the real assassin. However in his testimony he supported a claim by James Earl Ray that there was a leading conspirator called Raoul. Pertinently , he claims to have misheard the name Roual as Royal which appears in Nostradamus' text in this exact form. To me there is an appropriateness in this name being used by a secret agent since it reflects the nature of the royal task, the killing of a king. The hidden text reinforces these ideas. 

  C10 Q35 anagrams

  Puisnay royal flagrand d'ardant libide

Pour se jouyr de cousine germaine

Habit de femme au temple d'Arthemide

Allant murdry par incognu du Marne
Grand flag fall by debilitant sin.
Ray is dupe in Dardanian (Trojan) forlay (ambush). 

Jowers Europeanism you opine.
Your code genius remain.
Keyword 'Germain" is Europe's main genre

Thermai (Thessalonica) thread habited Mid-Earth. Hatred defame trampled amputee.

Allan un-coding Atlantean murder.
Unarmed Cyprian pray organic drum. 

In the hidden text of this verse several of the deaths are brought together, with the last line being that of Martin Luther King's brother and the others being about his own murder. There is a distinct switch in the verse which is consistent with the stories of both Ray and Jowers, since it implies these deaths have a European and Ancient world (Mid-earth) origin. This is consistent with other threads within Nostradamus' text that I have uncovered (see other papers). It is in this verse that we can begin to see that what might have interested Nostradamus in these killings is an international grouwith sinister aims impacting on the future. Of course I need far more evidence than this and that will emerge as these threads are pursued in this paper. (Note: Germain and Cyprian anagrams have a relevance that is developed later.)


My next analysis is of L.4 in Centuries 4 Quatrein 84. This is the only line of verse to contain the word Tennessee as a whole anagram. It also contains an anagram of nemesis, a word that occurs in 15 verses, one of which is part of the series I analysed earlier (See verse on Memphis , C10, Q79). 


  C4 Q84 L4

  In the year that Mars, Venus and Sun are in conjunction in summer En l'an que Mars Venus et Sol mis en este  

This is a clearly a dating mechanism and I began analysing it as I believed it had relevance to my current theme because it included anagrams for Tennessee, nemesis and sunset. It also has an anagram that could be Klan or Clan. 

     C4 Q84 L4 anagrams

  Des innocens le sang de vefue et vierge Grieve less once sees-England designer furtive greed avenged.  


I performed a search for the conjunction mentioned using a program called Redshift 2 (by Maris). The settings were for all conjunctions of Venus, Mars and Sun with less than 2 degrees separation over the period 1550CE to 2100CE. The results are shown for all ten such occurrences in the table below..

Year 1669 1682 1688 1707 1882 1968 1981 1987 2006 2026
Date 3rd Jul 21st Apr 3rd Sep 10th Nov 6th Dec 20th Jun 7th Apr 23rd Aug 26th Oct 6th Jan
Separation 0.7 1.2 1.4 1.3 1.0 0.557 1.2 1.3 1.2 0.8

It is immediately apparent that the year that best fulfils the visible content of L.4 is 1968 as it is the closest conjunction and it occurs in summer. In that year the conjunction takes place in Taurus. A day later on the 21st of June 1968 all three have entered Gemini. There are only three dates which are less than 1 degree separation (1669, 1968 and 2026) and two of these occur in summer but June 20th, 1968 is the only one that marks the beginning of summer. I also checked and found there has been no closer conjunction of these stars for over 3,500 years.

When I performed this analysis I had expected it to fail any test of relevancy (i.e. not include 1968) but instead it hits the target fully in its centre with this date being the best application in man's recorded history.

In 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated by James Earl Ray (early April). On June 5th 1968, Robert Kennedy was assassinated. On June 8th of the same year, James Ray was arrested at Heathrow airport. This was just over two months from the date of Martin Luther Kings assassination.

The hidden words in this same line clearly create a link to the death of Martin Luther King as it holds a unique anagram of Tennessee. It is possible it goes further as it suggests his nemesis was the Clan.

At this point I can go back to an unusual line of Nostradamus' text in the verse which talks specifically about Memphis and also has the word nemesis as an anagram. The unusual line "The great Mercury of Hercules fleur-de-lis," is full of symbolism. The fleur-de-lis is one of the two floral emblems of Tennessee. The great Mercury of Hercules implies the pillars of commerce, i.e. an important business organisation. There is a further insight into this organisation since the same verse (See Memphis , C10, Q79) also says "The old roads will all be improved, One will proceed on them to the modern Memphis". I stated at the beginning of this page that that I always accept that the meaning of Nostradamus' words, although cryptic, are meant to be understood. In this instance we now have enough connections to deduce that these lines refer to a member within an organisation based in Memphis, Tennessee that runs a road- building business.

As I presented my analysis of the earlier verses I deliberately refrained from explaining lines which seemed unrelated to the theme I was developing. This was not because they had no explanation but because they required an idea of where the theme led before they had any relevance.

Throughout the verses presented there has been a religious theme but it often has been more Roman Catholic in its imagery than that which would be consistent with the Protestant faith (Baptist) of which Martin Luther King was a pastor. Once again there is likely to be far more significance to this than I have so far set out. As this paper progresses this deliberate omission will also be rectified. 

The current verse holding the hidden date of 1968 mentions a conjunction. It is itself a conjunction of threads, one of which leads to the resolution of this religious ambiguity.

     C4 Q84 L4

  A great one of Auxerre will die very miserable,
Driven out by those who had been under him:
Put in chains, afterwards a strong cable,
In year Mars Venus & Sun in conjunction in summer
Vn grand d'Auxerre mourra bien miserable
Chasse de ceux qui soub s luy on teste
Serre de chaines apres d'vn rude cable
En l'an que Mars Venus et Sol mis en este

The third line of Centuries VIII, Quatrein 80 presented earlier (see C8 Q080) has a connection to the saints in its visible text. The second line of Centuries X, Quatrein 35 (see C10 Q35) has a most unusual anagram sequence to which I have added the name Germain (as in the visible text). I did this because I was aware of the developing sequence of ideas connecting the lines to this current verse. Saint Germain emerges as the key to understanding the religious thread. This takes on meaning when Auxerre from the first line of this verse is included since Saint Germain or Germanus has his roots in Auxerre (see my paper on Religious references -St Germain for more detail.)

The reference to chains and cable refers to a method of dying and links this verse to the one containing the hidden anagram of Cyprian. (see my site on Religious References- St Cyprian for more details)



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