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Nostradamus C1 Q67: Ideological battles throw the World into lawlessness and chaos.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse the text leads the way with a clear indication that the prophecy is one of Disaster and the anagrams provide rich detail of the scale of that Disaster including arsenic (s racine), propanes (ens appro) and cholera (rocher La). It also provides strong date clues with the archer- sign (acher Si gran) and the uprisen (ner puis) Jesus (uis eſ) where the latter entries suggest it describes events at the end of this century. The state of lawlessness is derived from the word nulliverse (vniuersell) and is supported by many similar anagrams such as non-regulated (rand et longu). The ideological nature of the battle derives from obduracies (e Du bois rac) and it is this aspect that ensures the failure implied by the inclusion of the anagram for Carrhae (arrache).

The structure for understanding this verse comes from its anagrams which include:

Rachel graal infamed equine Queen Jeseu propanes  cholera
La grand famine que je ſens approcher

so went tune to uprisen Jesus reset nulliverse
Souuent tourner puis eſtre vniuerselle

readings non-regulated woken invader radar Carrhae heirs riches
Si grand et longue quon viendra arracher

obduracies centralise Siriac interlace mandate made meme lemma double increase
Du bois racine et l'enfant de mammelle
# nulliverse: The world, regarded as having no rationality or rules.
# Syriac: An Aramaic dialect started in Edessa about 400CE.
Sierach: Book of Eccleiastus -c200BCE- on ethical practices.
obduracies: dogmatic, opinionated, unchangeable, callous attitudes.
Carrhae : example of a losing battle when in a numerically superior position.
The great famine which I sense approaching
will often turn (in various areas) then become worse
It will be so vast and long lasting that (they) will take
roots from the trees and children from the breast.
La grand famine que je ſens approcher
Souuent tourner puis eſtre vniuerselle
Si grand et longue quon viendra arracher
Du bois racine et l'enfant de mammelle
L1: <j Sense queen aim> <infamed graaL> <farmLand-grain> <her crop span graaL><and Larger famine><racheL infame grand propanes> equine choLera garLand

L2: <ur steerS unripe nulliverse (nonregulated world)><So uuent to ell uprise reSet ur universe> <epiruS tenuouS resell inveSture> <ieSus invert> <uprisen tutor reinveSt> <tiSsue riven> neuu

L3: <nonregulated richeS><Seirach (Book on ethics) danger><archer radar> <carrhae (losing battle) danger iS invader uuoqen><carrhae nonvaried><heirS granted long uuoqen invader>Searching

L4: <i centralise Double lemma> <made emm ell race-bounDaries> <obDuracies in ell emm mandate><ell emm flattened-name> arsenic siriac 
1: flattened-name, obduracies, archer-sign, interlace,
2: nonregulated, unresistive, nulliverse,
3: Siriac,
4: vestries, archers, revests,
5: centralise / interlaces, universe, uuent, heirs,
6: infamed, increase, Seirach, sellers,
7: reinvest, mandate,
8: uprisen,
9: inverts, radar,
10: propanes, cholera, double,
11: Carrhae, mated / tamed,
12: nonvaried, tenuous, arsenic, unripe, bued, rerun, neuu,
13: riches, equine, lemma, bud / dub,
14: uprises, invert, prune,
15: famine / infame, 
16: -
17: issue / Iesus, 
18: chopper,
19: -
20: uuoes,
21: resell / seller, queen, souu, Emma,
22: Rachel, sites,
23: -

archer-sign, flattened-name, obduracies, interlace, nonregulated, nulliverse, unresistive, Siriac, archers, went, infamed, heirs, centralise, universe, increase, new, riches, Seirach, tenuous, mandate, inverts, radar, arsenic, propanes, cholera, double, Carrhae, Iesus, uprisen, site, Queen, Rachel, woes.


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