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Nostradamus C1 Q79: Polaris sets the date for the petrol wars of zealots.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse is one of two that holds an anagram for zealots ( az Leſto).See C.6 Q.50 for the other verse.

The text is consistent with a theme of a petrol-war started as a result of a religious zealotry that inspires radicalised individuals to commit massacres in France. The timing of this war is tied to the polar-route and the time when Polaris reaches the apex of the loop that makes it the Polestar and gives it this version of its many names.

All of this is detail for the setting of one of man's most dangerous experiments which is the tampering of the genetic material for the purposes of war.

This topic is identified through the anagrams of the first line where there is a sequence saying zeal chasing base codon store with the codon being the formula arising from the base units in DNA and RNA. This formula controls the formation of all that we are and all that we are dependent on.

Anagrams providing the frame for this verse include:

condone USA chasing such a base being as Zealots store codon
Bazaz Leſtore Condon Auſch Agine

Semele pause Polarix queer element-role  meet moon loop on pole
Eſmeus par loix querelle et monopole

Crab tow[a]rd low base maybe Etrurian matter near ruin
Car. Bourd, Toulouze Bay mettra en ruine

well owner ovulant lover valour rule water loop polar-route
Renouueller voulant leur tauropole
Bazas, Lectoure, Condom, Auch and Agen
are troubled by laws, disputes and monopolies.
Carcassone, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Bayonne will be ruined
when they wish to renew the massacre.
Bazaz Leſtore Condon Auſch Agine
Eſmeus par loix querelle et monopole
Car., Bourd, Toulouze, Bay mettra en ruine
Renouueller voulant leur tauropole.

L1: <zeaL chASing Codon Baze> <zeaLotS chASing Baze Condone-uar> <uSA Condone BeAching azazeL (Saturn) Store><~azazeL ConSorted Being on AuScha (Ustek nr Prague)~>< azaz (nr Aleppo, Syr> LetS Begin> gienAh (star in Cyg) SeLeCtor

L2: <~SEem polarix use meton (19 yr eclipse cycle) queer ell loop~><polaris muSe><moon pole Seem parlous>perusal

L3: <mayBe louze ruin TrouBadour treat>< Tudor zoul mayBe entreat><etrurian (anc Italy) etyma (word base) CraB><ruin matter>

L4: <elenoR uuell poor uuater><petrol-uuar over one uuell Role> uprootal neutral ouuneR lover valour loop

1: troubadour, condone-uar, polar-route, element-role, beaching, uprootal, pseaumes, exquire, Auscha, spumes, maybe, Zazel, Azaz,
2: chasing, Polarix, zealots, bercano, Gienah, being / begin,
3: petrol-uuar, consorted, electors/ selector, aching, scooter, carbine, valour, repool, spume,
4: parlous, enloop, psaume, muses,
5: arbour, etyma, lover, baze,
6: Polaris, etrurian, codon, Brenac, Ninur, zeals,
7: condone,
8: queller, UUalter,
9: uuart, loop / pool (2x)l, crab,
10: entreat, such, poor,
11: quix, zoul, Azel / zeal,
12: rvle,
13: melees, oilx, semele, louu,
14: uuater, unrare,
15: bay,
16: over,
17: nouuell,
18: ouuner, uuell,
19: errant, moon,
20: sector,
21: -,
22: Tudor.

Key Ideas:

troubadour, condone war, polar-route, Polaris, element-role, beaching, uprootal, maybe, Zazel, Azaz, zeal, chasing, codon, base, zealots, Gienah, begin, petrol-uuar, consorted, selector, valour, repool, spume, parlous enloop, muses, arbour, aching, lover, errant, matter, Etrurian, codon, Brenac, Ninurta, Gienah, loop, Walter, crab, entreat, such, poor, zeal, rule, Semele, low, water, unrare, over, bay, Nowell, well, owner, Moon, sector, Tudor.

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