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Nostradamus C1 Q87: Two very rich cities in Greece and Spain become engaged in a lengthy war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is included in the discussion of Nostradamus on War. Its anagrams invoke a theme of a credit regulator and riches which may imply the two warring rocks are national banks. In respect to this the third line of text holds the French word for two while there in an anagram of two in the second line. Since Girona and Piraeus are cities found in the anagrams they may deliver the names of the home cities for those financial instititions that are referred to as rocks (or foundations).

In addition the references to the earth in the text are supported by the anagrams for wave swipe Earth fuel in the fourth line and the anagrams for after world-beater entice few  in the second line offers a close alliance to the earth-shaking reference in the text of the first line.

The anagrams giving the meaning to this verse include:

reenter on siege feud cued recent deterrent
Ennoſigee feu du centre de terre

after a tremble ramble toward credit deceit few entice new feature
Fera trembler au tour de cite neufue

deregulator urges Richardson riches longest forestep to regular regulator
Deux grands rochiers long teps ferot la guerre

the Earth shower Girona on rogue wave fuel wipes Piraeus
Puis Arethuſe rougira nouueau fleuue

C1 Q87

Earthshaking fire from the center of the earth
will cause tremors around the New City.
Two great rocks will war for a long time,
then Arethusa will redden a new river.
Ennoſigee feu du centre de terre
Fera trembler au tour de cite neufue
Deux grands rochiers long teps ferot la guerre
Puis Arethuſe rougira nouueau fleuue

Anagram Sequences in French Text. ( ~ means full line used)

  1. <no rEcent siege reentered feud> <deterrent>
  2. <feuu intercede aFter reblame tuuo><feuu encite / encite touuard Free era><~feu Fear abler term reenticed tuuo~><~Fear feuu encite uuorldbeater term~> Feature direct / credit
  3. <Deregulator urges radons chlorines><~grux forestep reregulated sardon long riches~> <regular forestep uxed><grand regulator reDuxe longest choirs> richardson
  4. < thUs uue uPrAise fuel rogue iran ouue><~girona (NE Spain) uuaue uuorse suuiPe eArth fuel~> <Piraeus (Gk Port) uuaue Shouuer girona fleuu>


  1. uuorld-beater (uu=w), chlorines, deregulator, Richardson
  2. regulator, reregulated, forestep, shouuer (shower)
  3. deterrent, intercede / re-encited / re-enticed, choirs
  4. thus, suuipe / uuipes (uu=w)
  5. -
  6. re-enterred
  7. -
  8. feature
  9. touuard (toward)
  10. -
  11. direct / credit
  12. Girona
  13. re-blame, riches
  14. -
  15. -
  16. Piraeus, upraise
  17. -
  18. Earth
  19. -
  20. reduxe (x=c)
  21. recent / centre, tuuo

Girona, Piraeus, Richardson, deregulator, world-beaters, chlorines, shower, riches, thus, credit, forestep, regulation, deterrent, feature, two, upraise, Earth, toward, centre.

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