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Nostradamus C2 Q22: The voices of men whose calls begin our demise.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

From within the anagrams of this verse emerge links that by their presence lower the chance of them being by chance to a level that suggests Nostradamus put them there in the manner they appear. An important thread is that of the greater voice substituted mentioned in the fourth line of text for there are anagrams for sad jingo emerge  brogues and echoed ills that give dimension to that phrase.

But there are also anagrams that fit to the story lines that constantly recur in Nostradamus prophecies partciularly that of a cult whose belief that Christ had a mortal lineage leads them to experiment with the human genome thereby accidentally triggering a new species. The above themes merge in the second line where there are sequences that read as though future men will speak with sadness about the time when human kind preceded a species that is more sublime.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

parametrical  maps produces Pope erratical arterial article
Le camp Ascop d'Europe partira

sad jingo patron disagree anthropogenic chore heed ills sublimes blues emerge
S'adjoignant proche de l'iſle ſubmergee

predatorial clan shapes alpha angel predeclaration
D'Arton claſſe phalange pliera

Bromine mould mound demon splurged Novigrad six rob Sioux genome
Nombril du monde plus grand voix ſubrogee.
The imprudent army of Europe will depart,
Collecting itself near the submerged isle:
The weak fleet will bend the phalanx,
At the navel of the world a greater voice substituted.
Le camp Ascop d'Europe partira
S'adjoignant proche de l'iſle ſubmergee
D'Arton claſſe phalange pliera
Nombril du monde plus grand voix ſubrogee.
L1: <pope producEs arteriaL mAp><As parametricaL pope producE~><~erraticaL pope scopEd a ur (Iraq) map~>

L2: <Sad jingo emerge><agreeS anthropogenic (human-kind) led SublimeS (new mental beings)><anthropogenic jdeaS emerge><poignant chore jadeS leSS idle><SubmerSile led poignant chore><leSS pentachloride><echoed burmeSe patron illS> atoning SullieS

L3: <preDeclAration lapSeS><~repealing notrAD alpha ScaleS~><~angel / angle Shape preDAtorial clanS~><leaping hapleSS clan era><leaping to rADar clan phaSeS>

L4: <geNome buildr rob uS><novigrad mound pulsed><arovnd Six plugs end bromine mould><x (ten) brogueS (variants of language) rbuild novigrads demon omeN>
1: anthropogenic, predeclaration, parametrical, predatorial, erratical, hapless, genome, 
2: poignant, sublimes, splurged, produce, mould,
3: Novigrad, produces, bromine, Burgos, Burmese, Sioux, jingo, emerge,
4: submersile, brogues, arterial, Ovid / void,
5: leaping, bemuse, 
6: Sullies, phases / shapes, aleph, phase / shape,
7: Dumond, alpha,
8: echoed,
9: brogue, radar, Pope,
10: Tarared,
11: atoning, splurge, merge,
12: article / recital, 
13: -,
14: clans,
15: -,
16: -,
17: camp,
18: heap,
19: Europes,
20: mound, blues,
21: -,
22: Europe, camel, ills, caps,
23: -.

predatorial, anthropogenic, mould, produce, sublimes, poignant, predeclaration, hapless, erratical, genome, emerge, Novigrad, Burmese, Sioux, jingo, brogues, bemuse, radar, shape, echoed, atoning, article.


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