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Nostradamus C2 Q53: Fanatic female followers are placed in charge of healing others.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Within the text of this verse as in so many others we have key words dropping incomplete clues. The same is often true of the anagrams and it is only when weighed together and with the light from other verses that the key can be turned to reveal the Prophecy Nostradamus intended. In the anagrams we have a strong case for their being a group of women considered mad but capable of healing others. The anagrams identify the Maenads from Greek mythology and then affirm their relevance via anagrams for on frenetic guitar, maidens  and madness. But the purpose of their inclusion is to demonstrate the nature of a different set of women who are involved in performing future medical practices. The anagrams for this theme are medicate,  ventrotomies gene essence (mort ne ſoit ve - ngee -Ne ceſſe), acidimeter time (e cite mari - time), neotenic fear (ar fe - incte n'o) and finer eructation (r fein -cte n'outrai).

The anagrams that define this unique meaning for the text include:

immaterial acidmeter  garland medicate deepest time deceit
La grande peſte de cite maritime

scene squares ventrotomies Soviet gene essence
Ne ceſſera que mort ne ſoit vengee

Jude just unseats pagans reprimands maidens madness Crimeans narcism disarm
Du juſte ſang par pris damne ſans crime

garlanded Maenad continue finer eructation remap neotonic fear infect frenetic one on guitar
De la grand dame par feincte n'outraigee
# acidimeter: An apparatus or a standard solution used to determine the amount of acid in a sample.
ventrotomies: incisions of the abdomen.
eructation: to belch forth or vomit.
neotenic: the persistence of larval or fetal features in the adult form of an animal.
Maenads: Greek Mythology- the female followers of Dionysius- their name literally means 'the raving ones' since they would enter into a state of ecstatic frency through intoxation and dancing.
The great plague of the maritime city
Will not cease until there be avenged the death
Of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime
Of the great lady outraged by pretense.
La grande peſte de cite maritime
Ne ceſſera que mort ne ſoit vengee
Du juſte ſang par pris damne ſans crime
De la grand dame par feincte n'outraigee
L1: <deepeSt danger immateriaL> <marie time graaL deceit> <medicate / decimate deepeSt><acidimeter time /emit deepeSt garLand><deceitS panderage Limiter><~airtime emit ci (101) deepeSt garLand~>

L2: <Soviet gene quaere eSSeNce> <Soviet gene remount> <Square monSter SceNe><~SceNe quaereS ventrotomieS gene~>ceaSerS

L3: <juDe reprimands paganS narScism> <juDe unSeatS crimeanS madneSs><damns Sane crimes> named maenadS maidens

L4: <graal damned> <fear continue> <garlanDed dame> <remap infect> <garlanDed mad frenetic ape on guitar> <regu'ation interface><firepan eructation (belching) damned><garlanDed reinfect mad ape>
1: acidimeter, panderage, narcisms, decimate, medicate, frenetic, guitar, 
2: ventrotomies, immaterial, reprimands, ostentive, continue, narcism, disarm, crimes, essence,
3: eructation, neotenic, madness,
4: firepan, crime,
5: matrice, Gautier, unseats, pagan(s), 
6: Maenads, deceits, infect,
7: interface, Soviet, rapids, Juste, Ariege,
8: Montrose / Rosemont, airtime,
9: demand / damned, just,
10: grandad, squares, Jude,
11: deepest, Midas / maids,
12: -
13: Marque, pangs, quaere,
14: triage, gap,
15: damns,
16: garlanded, remount, maidens, deceit, Caesers,
17: add,
18: quaeres, scans,
19: finer / infer,
20: amends.
21: -
22: -
23: -

ventrotomies, panderage, acidimeter, medicate, eructation, essence, frenetic, guitar, immaterial, reprimands, continue, ostentive, narcism, disarm, neotenic, madness, unseats, pagans, crime, Maenads, firepan, infect, Soviet, interface, Ariege, maids, demand, airtime, Juste, deepest, pangs, damns, triage, gap, garlanded, maidens, remount, Caesers, deceits, add, scans, amends, finer, queries.


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