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Nostradamus C2 Q55: The biological impact of meteorites affect  Pentagon's plans.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is about a financial scam affecting Jerusalem at a time when the Pentagon sends its ships to reinforce a flotilla which is anchored near the head of a river. The timing of this event is refined by anagrams which tie the story into the period at the end of this century when asteroids fall that trigger biological mutations in spores found in the sea. The anagrams that provide the focal point for these ideas are Pentagon (et pongna) galleon (ngna le l'o) consolidate (oit Dans le co) riverhead (Hadrie verr) flotilla (l falloit) and planetoid(al) fall acquire (ra ce qu'i - l fal - loit Pendan) allantoid clones (alloit Dan - s le con) pollinated (alloit Pend) antipode (oit Penda).

The anagrams that can help explain the text of this verse include:

D'alencons lands clone Grael conflict danger it equip consolidate allantoid value 
Dans le conflict le grand qui peu valloit

Jerusalem sexual axons inferred fear scream measure ill uxe
A son dernier fera cas merueilleux

planetoidal pollinated riverhead acquire flotilla pilot   
Pendant qu'Hadrie verra ce qu'il falloit

lands enabl[e] Pentagon bank on non-legal galleonill rogue use
Dans le banquet pongna le l'orgueilleux
# allantoid: meaning sausage shaped- often used to describe spores that are long and have pointed ends.
planetoids: astronomical objects orbiting the sun that are not comets nor big enough to be called planets - used as a synonym for minor planets and larger asteroids.
In the conflict the great one who was worth little
At his end will perform a marvelous deed
While Adria will see what he was lacking,
During the banquet the proud one stabbed.
Dans le conflict le grand qui peu valloit
A son dernier fera cas merueilleux
Pendant qu'Hadrie verra ce qu'il falloit
Dans le banquet pongna le l'orgueilleux
L1: <consoliDate uvall danger equip><once it allouv lanDs danger equip><allantoiD (sausage shaped spores) clones><oil value><large conflict><value D'alencons toil>

L2: <ierusalem sexuAl farce><uxe ill measure redefine arc><Saxon diner refer cameras><reillume caesar free sAxon diner><fear scam><a ill farce resume><caesareum ill uxe refer>macareus (son of Helius and Rhodus)

L3: <everi Planetoid acquire Hard fall><riverHead acquire flotilla><tanq Pointed raver clique fall><Headriver quad-rant clique fall><Pedant acquire oil fall quatrein-Had> antiPode Pollinated / Planetoidal

L4: <ill rogue uxe pentagon lanDs-banque><uglier galleon><~poet urge ill lanDs uxe nonlegal banques~>
1: Pentagon, consolidate, riverhead, flotilla, planetoidal, allantoid, pollinated,
2: pollinate, antipode, reacquire, Caesareum, Macareus, galleon, inferred, cameras, axons / Saxon,
3: nonlegal, pedant, banq,
4: latincodes, Alencons, pointed, of all,
5: planetoid, banque, sexual, varied,
6: reillume, piqued,
7: Ierusalem, pilot, value, scam,
8: acquire, polite,
9: -
10: measure,
11: fall,
12: Quacer, uglier, creams / scream, Caesar,
13: resume, hard,
14: calends, refine,
15: career, farce,
16: -
17: -
18: clique,
19: guile, infer / finer, poet,
20: inept, Vau,
21: -
22: conflict, quid, had,
23: cleans / lances, reliue, reuile

Pentagon, galleon, consolidate, riverhead, flotilla, planetoidal, allantoid, pollinated, antipode, Caesareum, Macareus, inferred, Saxon, nonlegal, cameras, piqued, pedant, reillume, Alencons, sexual, banque, varied, Jerusalem, pilot, value, scam, acquire, measure, uglier, fall, Quaker, scream, Caesar, hard, career, resume, refine, calends, farce, clique, guile, infer, Vau, poet, inept, had, pointed, lances.





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