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Nostradamus C2 Q68: Al Quida's Attack on London that impairs the gene lines of the British.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse holds anagrams for Englander (and Le regn) and Argentine (eintegra) which are synonyms for 'kingdom on the Isle' and 'Londoner' found in the text  The anagrams give flesh to the strange wordings in the text with it becoming apparent that the gates mentioned in the text are opened through a chemical attack which causes gene illness ( gne e - n l'iſle ſ) through the gene lines ( egne - en l'iſ) of those under siege.

The anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

Lion flees Quillon offers stronger grant and el Quida equal deals sadden
De l'aquilon les effors ſeront grands

wrote wetter results conceals Polar era calcareousness
Sus l'Occean ſera la porte ouuerte

Englander enlarged gene illness realises interregna rerating Argentine danger
Le regne en l'iſle ſera reintegrand

reblame d'Orlean ill vapors codes wrote meter
Tremblera Londres par voille deſcouuerte
The efforts of Aquilon will be great
The gate on the Ocean will be opened,
The kingdom on the Isle will be restored
London will tremble discovered by sail.
De l'aquilon les effors ſeront grands
Sus l'Occean ſera la porte ouuerte
Le regne en l'iſle ſera reintegrand
Tremblera Londres par voille deſcouuerte
L1: L1 <~quillon (cross-guards of sword) offers norSe's grant lenDs~> <Stronger offers saDden quail> <senSor offer grant><for oneself> <lion equal>

L2: <St-rules ouue><cOnceals arealS true uSe> <calcareOuSness (marble / lime) portal> <port SOlutes clearanceS><OccluSe touuer/ wrote><era cOncealS uteruSes><polar route true uSes> <port arSenal OccluSe><uueSter arenaS sOul portal ouue><clearanceS aperto (unlocked) ouue rEsults

L3: <engLander rare illneSS integer> <eLder argentine gene lineS rare> <releaSe gene lineS> <leSSer gene line interregna> <enLarged entire era illneSS> <gene illneSS enLarged terrain>

L4: <couu ill vapors Seed tree> <uuetter codeS> <vaporise d'orLean> <Tree marble touuer splendor> <spread / spared over-ill codeS> <d'orLean vaporiser tremble>
1: calcareousness, treblemeter, clearances, interregna, conceals, Quillon, occluse,
2: vaporiser, vaporise, uurestles, conceal, oneself, vapors,
3: concealers / reconceals, Argentine, gene lines, stronger, illness, results, uuetter, vapor,
4: splendor, el Quida / quailed, uteruses, integer,
5: regnant,
6: saddle, offers,
7: re-enlarged, arsenal, tussle, ledger,
8: reuurote,
9: -
10: routeless, ponders / respond, patrol / portal, cloc,
11: -
12: Roland, souls, offer,
13: Englander / Greenland, realises, reblame, surest,
14: aperto,
15: -
16: coutures, d'Orleans, resiles,
17: drapers,
18: solutes, trainee,
19: -
20: feels, flees, off,
21: d'Orlean / Leonard (2x), marble, lender,
22: granite, Orlean, ills,
23: -

wetter, vapors, conceals, marble, calcareousness, interregna, clearances, stronger, granite, illness, results, Quillon, Argentine, occluse, gene lines, wrestles, el Quida, arsenal, splendor, Roland, offer, Englander, souls, realises, ledger, tussle, rewrote, routeless, patrol, d'Orleans, coutures, respond, resiles, solutes, drapers, trainee, feels, oneself, off.





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