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Nostradamus C2 Q86: Nostradamus' life paper uses Mahommetan emblems for the places hurt later in the 21st century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has the unusual distinction of containing a split anagram for Nostradamus given name Michel Nostredame (ndre a...t commis L'He). It is the only occurrence in the Prophecies and it occurs in the fourth line which talks of a Herald surrendering himself to the announcement of his name.

Under my rules the key to decoding relies on full anagrams supported by the meanings in that verses text and anagrams. In general I present material that fits to these rules however the rules are mine not those of Nostradamus. There is no doubt that license must eventually be given to reading verses distorted by the process of publication but license is a last resort in my analyses. This verse has several places where I have broken my own rules and I do so because of the close connection the keys have to Nostradamus' life and interests.  

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Rafuna age scales responded handed a quite hardier
Naufrage a claſſe pres d'onde Hadriatique

re-alter meter emblems use linear enter terrestrial rimes
La terre tremble eſmeue ſus l'air en terre mis

type meter able augment Mahomet quiet Egypt tremble
Egypte tremble augment Mahometique

Michel-Nostredame-stories carried comets Misrael lost travel story render seisometric layouts
L'Herault ſoy rendre a crier eſt commis

Many of Nostradamus' Prophecies talk of the earth trembling and of comets. The second line of this verse holds both these events and suggests one follows the other with the land being shaken by objects from the sky hitting the land. The anagrams in the fourth line reinforce this essential detail. One of them, seismometric (ier eſt commis), only occurs here and its aptness to a state of trembling is not only apparent but very modern in its application to events causing the earth to shake. There is also a distinctive anagram for comets (eſt com) which ties neatly and correctly into a theme known to interest Nostradamus.

The mention of the Adriatic Sea ties in closely with the ciphers in the Epistle to Henry and tie the events to the war of the Jesus-clone line and the Eastern Antichrist.

There are only five other verses where anagrams for comets are found so it too cannot easily be discounted as occurring purely by chance. The finding of so many interrelated words does strengthen the case that this verse was Nostradamus' way of declaring his involvement in creating these anagrams. After all it is they and only they that can remove ambiguity from his verses and this was part of his claim for each verse.

But the danger of the times, O Most Serene King, requires that such secrets should not be bared except in enigmatic sentences having, however, only one sense and meaning and nothing ambiguous or amphibological inserted.
Nostradamus, 1558 in his Epistle to King Henry

C2 Q86

Wreck for the fleet near the Adriatic Sea:
The land trembles stirred up upon the air placed on land
Egypt trembles Mahometan increase,
The Herald surrendering himself is appointed to cry out

Naufrage a claſſe pres d'onde Hadriatique
La terre tremble eſmeue ſus l'air en terre mis
Egypte tremble augment Mahometique
L'Herault ſoy rendre a crier eſt commis.

  1.  <aquitaiNe reSponded Hard><rafuNa age Handed on quiet air ScaleS><uNique Head ponderS triad ScaleS><i endorsed Hard aNtique><~Head ponders arid ScaleS it uuaqen far age~><quite arid><age urfa lapSeS>

  2. <isLam reenter ails><israel uSe muSe><terrestriaL emblems><reaLism neutraliser><alTer meter><realist uSes>

  3. <quiet meter Meant Egypt home><blame Egypt tree><Egypt meter quite Mahometen><mutagen oMah emit /time>atrembleE

  4. <Michel-Nostredames Story carrieS><eSoteric layoutS><carried Secret><earthLy-Soul commits><misHraeL cometS><Story end Seismometric care(e)r ><mmi (2001 /1999) Sector>
1: Michel-Nostredame (split), earthly-soul, responded, recarried, siesmometric, layouts, handed,
2: sodden,
3: neutraliser, meterable, Aquitane / inaquate, commit, endorsed, anthem,
4: terrestial, tempter, Egypt, mutagen, presses,
5: neutralise, Elamites, esoteric, lunarise, ,
6: Aquitaine, Mahomet, resemble, comets,
7: Saturniel, Rafuna, math, aneuu / uuane,
8: retailers, Homam, home, type,
9: yonder, Omah,
10: ponders / respond, deposer, troys / story, cage,
11: atremble, retries / retires, radia,
12: racier, lust,
13: reblame, retreat, melees, liars, hard, IMM / MMI,
14: realism, reliant, uuaqen,Troyes, rimer,
15: entrails / latrines, heard,
16: saltire / realist,
17: lost,
18: repasses, trainee, triad, Sauls, crier,
19: blame,
20: sector, Islam, head,
21: pressed,
22: had,
23: -,

Key Ideas:

Mishrael comets, Michel-Nostredame, earthly-soul, responded, recarried, siesmometric, layouts, handed, Mahometen, terrestrial, emblems, commits, Egypt, esoteric, Elamites, story, Rafuna, ponders, resemble, math, liars, carried, retreat, Saul's, realism, trainee, blame, Islam, sector.




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