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Nostradamus C3 Q20: The marriage of young Spanish women into an Islamic cult.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse has hints of the past occupation of the Iberian peninsula (Spain & Portugal) while the anagrams imply this is an allusion for similar events yet to happen in that same region during the modern era. Anagrams such as unescorted ( s contrees d) bride ( d'Iber) breeding ( ing d'Ibere) Al Koran ( ra la con) dub racial heart ( dub - e trah -ira la c) bridge ( g d'Iber)  your era ( re a - u roy) imply women are married into an Islamic cult without the consent of their parents.

The anagrams setting the frame for understanding this Prophecy include:

unescorted drugs and fuel the preconquestal web equip real clones oracles
Parles contrees du grand fleuue Bethique

your era bride doing deal a bridge emerged indigo breeding danger degree
Loing d'Ibere au roy aume de Grenade

presage names mans home managers quiet exorciser espouse Germans passenger exposures
Croix repouſſees par gens Mahometiques

code obtrude Earth habiture Carolina racial trade uncovered
Vn de Cordube trahira la contrade
Through the regions of the great river Guadalquivi
Deep in Iberia to the Kingdom of Grenada
Crosses beaten back by the Mahometan peoples
One of Cordova will betray his country
Parles contrees du grand fleuue Bethique
Loing d'Ibere au roy aume de Grenade
Croix repouſſees par gens Mahometiques
Vn de Cordube trahira la contrade
L1: <the oracle enter unfueled guards equiP><~drugs enter closer aPe and iq fuel the uueB~><dangerful Preconquestal hit reused><unescorted iq pleasure fled the uueB><seer counterpleas Be the drug and fuel><electrons used reaP iq><not rePlaces seer drug>

L2:<deranGed Legion bride><amoury (13thC anti-Cathar) reneGade><ioLande (d'anjou) breedIng emerGed> <your era be Indigo enLarged><Gender ioLande bridge><Learned bI doing>deGree reneGed

L3: <aneMographs (wind recording device) eSpouSes time><Mans home presage Corequisite expoSureS><hoMams Coquetries><passenger eSpouSe hoMam exorCiser quiet><uSeS apes quit gerMans home>sourCe uSeS ix Cirques

L4: <~alcoran (archaic name for Koran) habiture Coder Vntraded~><~Coder dub racial heart not Vnread~<carolina trade unCorded breath><Verdant Coder>doubter / obtrude debut
1: preconquestal, counterpleas, anemographs, courtbred, exorciser, habiture, obtruder, unrested, Beth,
2: uncorded, Carolina, breeding, mans home, emerged, breath, indigo
3: coquetries, unescorted, quietsome, exposures, Al-Coran, Iolande, Homams, vncode, Amoury,
4: unfueled, cirques, your era,
5: passenger, bride, uueb,
6: dangerful, managers, verdant, renegade, racial, debut, drugs,
7: doubter / obtrude / redoubt, espouses, presages, Germans,
8: parcels, guards, Homam, home,
9: grasp, degree, Omah, Beid,
10: closer,
11: replaces, presage,
12: Cordu, oiled, bued, tube,
13: deranged, oracles, brute / rebut, bud / dub,
14: pleasure,
15: -
16: -
17: fled,
18: repasses, earth / heart / Thera,
19: espouse,
20: -
21: degreen/ reneged,
22: -
23: electrons, legion, doing, spouse.

preconquestal, exorciser, habiture, indigo, exposures, Beth, Carolina, unescorted, bride, breeding, Homams, Al Coran, racial, debut, your era, renegade, web, managers, emerged, drugs, parcels, obtrude, Germans, guards, replaces, passenger, closer, oracles, presage, deranged, brute, pleasure, fled, earth, espouse, electrons, legion, doing.



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