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Nostradamus C3 Q44: Islamic law imposed on captured nations.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse that provide the key to this story are Islam (ſi mal), Allah / halal (al a l'h), Mollah (l a l'hom), Ququites (stique Qu) and Mohommed (homme dom) for they set the story line as the outcome Islamic law has upon captured nations. The tenor of the text places it in the future at a time when evolution of the mind is triggered by enormous physical phenomena.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Allah Mohommed Ququites Mollah halal misquote waken mainland mania
Quand l'animal a l'homme domestique

presager preassigned statutes astuteness adventurists status paler invader rapes
Apres grands peines et ſauts viendra parler

deflowered agrieves giver agrees if families equalif
[i]ed Islam
De fouldre a vierge ſera ſi malefique

tirade deter enterprises sentries setups upends linear due
De terre prinſe et ſuſpendue en l'air

# Quqites: an eclectic gnostic sect in the 2nd century AD based around Edessa (modern Urfa) in Syria.
Mollah: Turkish variant for Mullah, a Muslim man or woman trained in Islamic theology and sacred law.
Halal: any object or an action it is permissible to use or to engage in under Islamic law.
When the animal domesticated by man
After great pains and leaps will come to speak
The lightning to the virgin will be very harmful,
Taken from earth and suspended in the air.
Quand l'animal a l'homme domestique
Apres grands peines et ſauts viendra parler
De fouldre a vierge ſera ſi malefique
De terre prinſe et ſuſpendue en l'air
L1: <~mohommed eQuand quiets all animal~><halal /allah mainland memo misquoted><mollah times mainland dome><allah modest memo><mohommed aim site uuaQen all land><all land mania>quietsome

L2: <invader preassigned real astuteneSs><preArranges raiderplan dispense Statues><~adventurists seen spreading paler speAr><Status driven>Senates uneaSiest presAger inveSt regraSp

L3: <vierge ruled flame iS era i foquSed><armieS grieveS a louder life fed><iSlam agrees foul revaried><if raiSeS male><eraSe familieS><if-equal armieS agrieveS foe ruled><if malaiSe> flavoured

L4: <Deter enterpriSeS eulerian upendS><Suspend enterpriSe Deter liar><~uS preinSert penS Deter alien due~><upSetS riSen end><irelanD penS due>
1: adventurists, deflouuered, astuteness, preretired, families, Mollah, dispense, halal,
2: preassigned, status, Mohommed, flavoured, uneasiest, grieves, hall,
3: prearranges, enterprises, quietsome, misquote, Quqite, statues, 
4: demotes, retired, upsets, halo,
5: spreading, presager, sentries, agrieve, fouled, modest, varied, astute,
6: Senates, enterprise,
7: dilater,
8: regrasp,
9: upends, grieve,
10: Eulerian, giver,
11: -
12: animal, quits,
13: -
14: uuaqen, foul,
15: alla,
16: preinset, modes,
17: invest,
18: flame, spend (2x),
19: tirade, mania,
20: Islam, spied.
21: -
22: -
23: -

adventurists, deflowered, preretired, families, astuteness, grieves, Mollah, dispense, preassigned, Allah / halal, status, uneasiest, flavoured, Mohommed, enterprises, sentries, spreading, misquote, agrieve, Quqite, upsets, statues, halo, presager, fouled, Senates, tirade, modest, giver, waken, foul, animal, modes, invest, flame, Islam, mania, spend.



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