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Nostradamus C3 Q89: The aftermath of the 22nd century floods in the Mediterranean.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is part of the story of the aftermath of the great floods that occur late in this century. This story is given in considerable detail in my paper called Floods and this current verse is one that gives more specific details for one area of the world. The area is around the north western part of the Mediterrannean with its westward limit being Urfa ( a fru) in Turkey. The flood waterlogs seed (lus outrage - e Sed) and this slows (lus ou) plows (plus ou).

TAnagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

scene cement placements refractures  temples secret pyres presence
En ce temps la ſera frustree Cypres

degree decourousness source emerged excursed creeds Ossenes use redeem
De ſon ſecours de ceux de mer Egee

meterless style  impairs maze extrusive phylter revise ci[t]ed aims
Vieux trucidez mais par meſles et lyphres
worst age agrees your ductile rule irony waterlogs slow plows pulse out great soul
Seduict leur Roy. Royne plus outragee

# Ossenes: a name used in ancient times to refer to a part of the Essene cult.
At that time Cyprus will be frustrated
Of its relief by those of the Aegean Sea
Old ones slaughtered but by speeches and supplications
Their King seduced, Queen outraged more.
En ce temps la ſera frustree Cypres
De ſon ſecours de ceux de mer Egee
Vieux trucidez mais par meſles et lyphres
Seduict leur Roy. Royne plus outragee
L1: <~urfa (Edessa) seCret pyres rEplacementS~><~aS temples fear scEne ur recrypts~>Safer placements><pyres refraCtures Sea temples scEne~><prEtence sample ur seCret fearS><al feraS (star -nose of Pegasus) ur seCret prey>

L2: <Source excused no SeeD emergEd><creeds deem coneS uxe DEgreeS><decorouSneSs deem DEgree cuex><deemx DEgree Source seduce Son> <screed uxe ounceS SeeD Emerge><deems ounceS rescued / secured / reduces Degree><oSSene Degree sourced><deem ounceS excursed DEgree>

L3: <reSample style aims><leSs extrusiVe phylter remap zide aims><maze pairs id><a metrerleSs impaSs><her reals Steeply impaszed><meterless ideaz-maps>

L4: <ductile pen See great louus><Seed outrages><uuorst age uSed><agree oR yRony uSed pulse out rule><ruler cited-uSe outrage-ous yrony><plouus Steerage><uuaterlogs Seed>
1: decorousness, uuaterlogs, refractures, maps-ideaz, extrusive,
2: placements, last-rouu, steeply, presence, psalms, emerged, yrony,
3: pretences, style, emerge,
4: excursed, meterless, samples, geese,
5: resamples (2x), outrages, rescued / reduces / secured, cursed, ply,
6: outrage, eagerest / steerage, Alferas, psalm,
7: amplest, cey,
8: ductile, resample, slouu, Ossene, maze,
9: plouus, degree,
10: sample, cement,
11: scoured / sourced, sampler, merge,
12: -
13: -
14: creeds / screed, revise, redeem,
15: uuorst, furs,
16: -
17: preys / pyres / respy,
18: excused, Reuters, seduce, ramps,
19: impresa / Pamiers,
20: pelmets / Stemple / temples, sources,
21: ruler, souu, agree.
22: -

extrusive, placements, refractures, decorousness, waterlogs, presence, irony, emerged, meterless, style, psalms, creeds, revise, excursed, samples, secured, Ossene, Key, plows, redeem, maze, sourced, ductile, cement, reduces, pyres, worst, degree, temples, sources, agree, slow, ruler, outrages. 

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