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Nostradamus C4 Q61: People of the palace involved in betrayal and terrors.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Within the anagrams of this verse there are personal names for people well remembered by those of us in the 21st century and these add a human dimension to the story in the text. The anagrams that form the foundations of this theme are Ratzinger ( ztrangier), Dianes son ( ains de -ſon), Harry ( rahyra), palaces ( e ſa place) and terrors ( rtres Or). The theme of this verse fits well with others on similar events which can be found in my paper called Terrorism.

The anagrams in this verse include:

repudiates palaces evil use mock repute pauperised pleads
Le vieux mocque et priue de ſa place

Ratzinger liquers use born near paler stars quartering blues
Par l'eztrangier qui le ſubornera

Dianes fondness films Agen seed as aunt face maidens son cinemas
Mains de ſon filz mangees deuant ſa face

early Harry feel carefree career refer roles Cathar terrors aunt charter
Le frere a Chartres Orl Rouan trahyra
The old one mocked and deprived of his place,
By the foreigner who will suborn him:
Hands of his son eaten before his face,
His brother to Chartres, Orleans Rouen will betray
Le vieux mocque et priue de ſa place
Par l'eztrangier qui le ſubornera
Mains de ſon filz mangees deuant ſa face
Le frere a Chartres Orl Rouan trahyra

L1: <eviL palaceS depriue mocq uxe><repudiateS eviL place><pete mocq uxe capeLla (Auriga star) reSidue><mocq uxe eviL palace diSrepute><~repute deuiSe a place mocq eviL uxe>peter pauperiSed elapSed

L2: <ratzinger (pope) Paler use reborn><quartering lazer unrobeS lie><tangierz Paler liquerS are born><bourSe near Paler tzar reign>

L3: <~Maidens Son filmz agen seed aS face aunt~><manzil face a auntS fondneSs aiM><filmz agen MidSeason aS face aunt><dianes Son caMe><agen unSeated>

L4: <arrest eaCh referraL><aChea (Greece) terrOrs refer><feraL Carrhae(battle) resOrt><refer earLy Cathar><a earLy OrChestra / CarthOrse refer><harry aunt> <ouR rOles><Lyra Carefree>

1: quartering, pauperised, Ratzinger, geminalz, name-disc, Tangierz, fondness, filmz, re-equipt, suborner, anaemic,
2: repudiates, carthorse, Dianes son, Harry, mocq, Manzil,
3: daimoness / midseason, disrepute, Capella, carefree, terrors,
4: unrobes, palaces, lazer, reborn,
5: liquers,
6: charters, unseated, cinemas, Brunos / suborn, Cathar, Tzar / ztar,
7: charter, elapsed / pleased, Bruno,
8: palace, early / layer,
9: fast,
10: depriues, bourse,
11: carrhae, angrier, rating, liquer, Lyra,
12: -
13: clap,
14: chart, borne,
15: career,
16: maidens, deriues / residue, deriue, spade,
17: -,
18: sends,
19: uuiles, repute,
20: blues, aunts,
21: mange, rezt, face,
22: granite, unseat, place, edges, coq,

pauperised, Ratzinger, quartering, carthorse, Tangiers, fondness, anaemic, suborner, repudiates, carefree, maidens, early, liquers, cinemas, pleased, angrier, rating, fast, deprives, bourse, unrobes, palaces, terrors, Dianes son, Harry, mocq, Manzil, Cathar, daimoness, disrepute, career, borne, Capella, Lyra, Star, chart, born.

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