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Nostradamus C4 Q94: The Magdelaine lineage linking Christ to the Pyrennees.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse talks of a bloody war across Europe that arises out of one region being contaminated by another. The anagrams suggest the origins of the conflict arises out of the manner that the north and south treat the ineage of Christ with the North seeing Christ as a one-off person born outside normal human means and many in the south believing Christ was a gifted man born into an part of an ancient family that has descendants reaching into our current era. The verse implies that in the Pyrenees the legend of the Magdelaine persists with rigour in the line of the Angelim family and in their myth that rogue angels helped their line survive via the female gene. Here in this verse the anagrams form a strong cluster saying madame Angelim rogue angels.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Grux fans refers freer Norse chantors depag[a]nised zeds use
Deux grans freres ſeront chaſſez d'Eſpaigne

aliens Cauvin [Calvin] souls omens Pyrmonts syntrope seen serenely
L'aiſne vaincu ſous les monts Pyrenees

Norse angels madam Angelim image Magdelaine rogue rimer
Rougir mer roſne ſang lemam d'Alemaigne

nobly born Baron trebly regard Gerard nominate nonthematic seen
Narbon Blyterre d'Agath contaminees.

The poetic key to this verse lies in Nostradamus double lettering (ss, ee, rr ee) a technique he used to highlight verses on the the feminine role in continuing the royal-Jesus lineage (See C.2 Q.13 and C.4 Q.100).

C4 Q94

Two great brothers will be chased out of Spain,
The elder conquered under the Pyrenees mountains:
The sea to redden, Rhone, bloody lemam blood of Gemany
Narbonne, Blyterre contaminated by Agath.

Deux grans freres ſeront chaſſez d'Eſpaigne
L'aiſne vaincu ſous les monts Pyrenees
Rougir mer roſne ſang lemam d'Alemaigne
Narbon Blyterre d'Agath contaminees.
L1: <Seers chantorS><roSe chaStenS pasZed uxe gaineD><refers SachetS norSe paSzed>

L2: <cauvin omens some Pyres aLiens Souls not seen><couSin iS a nave eLse mussel syntroPe (same word~><~cauvinS Soul aLienS Pryest omens seen~><solemn Pryest><vain aLienS couuS Pyres seen>Pyrmonts sereneLy

L3: <mAgdelaine Rigour><ouR grimmer norSe><norSe Region mangleS adam mAle><mAdame angelim Rogue angelS><grim Rogue reaSonS mangle medAl enigma>

L4: <retry nonthematic Adage><regArd Baron gerArd Blyte><treBly born><main seaborNe>nobly
1: nonthematic, trebly, paszed, madame, mussel,
2: Montanic, chantors, serenely, grim,
3: Magdelaine, nominate, mangles, seaborne,
4: -
5: liegeman, canthos, Cauvins, mangle, adage,
6: anchorets, chastens, Bolyn / nobly,
7: agennoss, tarchon, Angelim, rigour, Amelia, ensnare, image,
8: Pyrmonts, retry,
9: poynters / syntrope, enigma,
10: sachets / scathes,
11: cousin, unedge, barns,
12: Cauvin, chants, barons, souls, magi,
13: Vienna, Gerard / regard, lemma, Grux,
14: -,
15: Selene,
16: spade, spry,
17: gained, respy / preys / pyres, dearer / reared / reader, Adam,
18: slang,
19: Renee,
20: reasons,
21: chats, baron, souu, Emma, Tyre,
22: -,
23: ignore / Origen / region.

nonthematic, serenely, grim, chantors, trebly, nominate, Magdelaine, image, Madame, Angelim, paszed, seaborne, liegeman, adage, Cauvins, cousin, mangles, agennoss, souls, enigma, chastens, Anchorets, Vienna, nobly, retry, unedge, Pyrmonts, syntrope, ensnare, Amelia, rigour, scathes, reasons, Barons, ignore.

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