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Nostradamus C4 Q96: The woman who comes to power through her commitment to a cause.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is tied to the previous verse C4 Q95 and the next verse C4 Q97 through the tone of their text with its emphasis on personal ages and the sharing of identical or similar anagrams which in this current verse appear as  money ( moyen), clan ( lanc) , annoyment ( moyennant) and river ( verri). Throughout this section of the prophecies the verse give detail of the seedline and in this verse it is not only the text that implies this but the anagram for seed-line ( iſnee de l'i) itself.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

denies seedline ills inebriant quin equal inquirant arouse
La ſoeur aiſnee de l'iſle Britannique

quins unsal[u]ted uranias (heavenly stars) refer Asians quinances (5 deg zodiac stars)
Quinze ans deuant le frere aura naiſſance

if  river Parques (Fates) equip poor persona meromyosin money annoyment
Par ſon promis moyennant verrifique

unceasable creed  urea gene enabled gender Deneb (Star) ascendable
Succedera au regne de balance
# meromyosin:sub-units of the actino-assocated motor neurons.
Urania: a name meaning heavenly - in Greek mythology the muse of music and astronomy.
Deneb: name for alpha cygni the brightest star in Cygnus,
The elder sister of the British Isle
Will be born fifteen years before her brother,
Because of her promise procuring verification,
She will succeed to the kingdom of the balance.
La ſoeur aiſnee de l'iſle Britannique
Quinze ans deuant le frere aura naiſſance
Par ſon promis moyennant verrifique
Succedera au regne de balance
L1: <quatrainLine arouSe liBelS iS need><iS need illS ineBriant arouSE><aureoLeS inquirant liBelS><Britan Seedline lieS in aeoLuSar><aLSo inquinate / quintan uneaSier dieSel> liBeraliSt arSeniouS needle Blister triBe / tiBer

L2: <a runa refer AsiabS Quince><uraniaS (heavenly stars) Quinances (5 deg zodiac stars) unsalted era free><~SaSanian Quincez danes refer leuant urea~><nauarre free AsianS unsalted Quinc>arianS felt / left

L3: <river annoyment if Parques promis><promis ParSon money><if parSon equiP meromyosin (protein subunit)>anyone PaSquier

L4: <~a clan urge area deneb (Alpha Cygni) Succeed~><underage era unceaSable><gene aura aScendable><argue need balanceS><baal aura reneged> gender creed
1: quatrain-lines, meromyosin, unceasable,
2: annoyment, balanced, Sasanian, firier, azine,
3: balances, aureoles, succeed, Urania,
4: liberalist, ascendable, inebriant, unsalted, seedline,
5: arsenious, balance, enabled, Deneb,
6: billers, libels, Asians, Arians, needle,
7: anyone, needles, river,
8: inquirant, blister / bristle, uneasier, canal,
9: inquinate, quintain, quince, Nauarre,
10: Pasquier, propanes, Aeolus, money,
11: quintan, arsenide, tribean,
12: -
13: equals,
14: -
15: underage, banal,
16: -
17: -
18: blade, scans, creed,
19: Parques, Tiber / tribe, felt / left,
20: Asias,
21: reneged,
22: ills,
23: cleans / lances.

quatrain-lines, unceasable, annoyment, meromyosin, balances, azine, Sasanian, Urania, firier, aureoles, ascendable, succeed, Deneb, unsalted, seedline, liberalist, enabled, inebriant, arsenious, needle, arsenide, propanes, Asians, river, anyone, libels, Arians, inquirant, uneasier, canal, Nauarre, underage, Aeolus, equals, banal, creed, Parques, blade, left, Asias, money, ills.

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