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Nostradamus C5 Q9: The family seeking to bring about Jesus' polar ascension.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This current verse is part of an evolving story of family participance (if l'amy - anticipe Par c) in events at the end of this century when the Polar-stars (Lors par aſt) reach their zenith. The events involve various religious groups some of which are cruel barbaric invaders whose presence causes other extreme elements to try and justify their faith and use this seemingly auspicious momemt to clone Jesus from the relics they possess. Nostradamus' story is far broader than these issues and takes us into human reactions to asteroids and new creatures that will displace man from his self-claimed throne. The name of the family line and the allusional enchantress can be found in this and the surrounding verses as can more detail on the cascades from the sky.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Ark model wise Jews use wakes graals fond garlands found 
Jusques au fonds la grand arq demolue

Eparch preach face apt if many family participance
Par chef captif l'amy anticipe

radiants Edda forenamed framed each Eleusian wheel facet
Naiſtra de dame front face cheuelue

supersacerdotal Cetus cued mot[o]r rotat[e] part propels Polar-stars
Lors par aſtuce Duc a mort attrape

# Eleusian wheel: reference to three part cycle of search, descent and ascent in the Eleusian mysteries
# supersacerdotal: high priest.
# Cetus : sea-monster constellation.
The great arch demolished down to its base,
By the chief captive his friend forestalled,
He will be born of the lady with hairy forehead
Then through cunning the Duke overtaken by death.
Jusques au fonds la grand arq demolue
Par chef captif l'amy anticipe
Naiſtra de dame front face cheuelue
Lors par aſtuce Duc a mort attrape
L1: <arq module garlands found as><graals found><uuaqes Jesu> <Jeuus model>

L2: <family Participance><pact many fail><eParch / Preach antifamily epic pact> <eParch face><many lift a cap><i fail pact my Paper antic>

L3: <radiaNts forenamed fact><cache framed font astride><uuheel framed font edda retaiNS><eleuSiaN front frame traded each uuheel><auStralien face edda forment><dead not NeutraliSe frame><uraNiteS cache dead frame front><dread fame iNSulate torn face><medea radiaNtS affront>

L4: <SupersacerDotal (super priestly) part> <cueD poLarStars><propeLs a Star><patraS cued part roleS>cetuS
1: supersacerdotal, participance, anti-family, polar-stars, forenamed, family, framed,
2: naturalised, propels, foreman, 
3: Eleusian, uuheel, Mayan, famed, Jeuus,
4: sapropel, insulate, effront, cheaper, module,
5: Australien, neutralise, Maya, pipe,
6: radiates, platter, Cetus,
7: Saturniel, facet, Jeuu,
8: forment / Fermont, chafer, found, tarot,
9: graals, model, fact,
10: garlands, many,
11: -
12: radiants, darted / traded, parole, parch, Aratus, Asatru, frame,
13: eparch / preach,
14: afront,
15: Patras, lags,
16: uuaqes, chafe, epic, fame,
17: uranites, triads,
18: lift,
19: coma, Jesu, 
20: astride / tirades, patter,
21: educt, face (2x),
22: Medea.
23: -

supersacerdotal, participance, anti-family, affront, forenamed, polar-stars, framed, Cetus, facet, family, propels, naturalised, foreman, Eleusian, wheel, Mayan, famed, sapropel, insulate, Jews, cheaper, module, Australien, neutralise, Maya, pipe, radiates, uranites, ftarot, found, graals, model, garlands, many, radiants, triads, traded, lift, parole, Medea, epic, fame, wakes, eparch.



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