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Nostradamus C5 Q38: People forced to live on the oceans to escape the terrors on land.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse presents more of the unifying detail about the future of France under Islamic rule. It reinforces the harsh regime that women undergo and paints a picture of a world afflicted by sexual cancers to which the official response is either carnage or ill informed alchemical treatments. The focal points of this verse arise from anagrams for Chalon oceanauts concede (onchal- ance a tous - concede), Greek Madonna ( Cegr - and mona), tumours wake (ue qu'au - u mort ſu), Quran (narqu) and courts creed (ort ſuc - ceder).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 regardance random Roman Quran creed courts wake tumours grace Greek Madonna
Ce grand monarque qu'au mort ſuccedera

quoined (cornered) near ravine via lie elite elicit rebuilt ill 
Donnera vie illicite et lubrique

Chalon (near St Remy) oceanauts concede encoder on parade
Par nonchalance a tous concedera

a loyal ruffian unafraid alloy queasily equal paraffin fraud
Qu'a la parfin faudra la loy Salique

# Aludra: a blue supergiant in Canis Major whose name means the Virgin.
He who will succeed the great monarch on his death
Will lead an illicit and wanton life
Through nonchalance he will give way to all,
So that in the end the Salic law will fail.
Ce grand monarque qu'au mort ſuccedera
Donnera vie illicite et lubrique
Par nonchalance a tous concedera
Qu'a la parfin faudra la loy Salique
L1: <qoran damn greC era uuaqe tumourS><qoran damn raCe Succeed uuaqe tumor><Carnaged roman Succeed><quran uuaqe random tumorS><~random creed ranq uueaq Scrotum cage~><creed courtS a greC madonna>

L2: <none elicit virelai rebuilt><quoineD ravine elicit brutel lie~><raven quoineD>unDoneE

L3: <chalon (near N's birth town) concedes oceanauts><encoder scout><on coutances (Fr Nth coast) creed>crescendo canal

L4: <unafraid far alloyS eQual quail><~a paraffin eQual daru alloyS quail~><ruffian adorally quailS><a loyal fraud / duarf><fafnir (nordic dragon) daru loyal> queasily uuaqe
1: outsuuarm, oceanauts, crescendo, queasily, paraffin, predacean, illicit, scrotum, funfair / ruffian, Fafnir,
2: regardance, adorally, unafraid, tumours,
3: Coutances, concede(s), oceanaut, virelai, succeed,
4: parafin, quails, 
5: quoined, Madonna, octaues, carnage, encoder,
6: rebuilt, octaue, aludra, crust,
7: courts,
8: carnaged, elicit, parade, canal, Grec,
9: uuaqqe (2x),
10: alloys, cage,
11: -
12: nonvaried, encode, ravine / vainer, grace, lays / slay,
13: -
14: tumor,
15: Alla,
16: scout,
17: raven,
18: alloy, loyal, fraud, creed (2x),
19: -
20: -
21: -
22: random, Quoran, monad, Qoran.
23: -

Key Ideas:

oceanauts, outswarm, predacean, illicit, crescendo, queasily, concedes, paraffin, scrotum, ruffian, quails, Coutances, virelai, Fafnir, regardance, encoder, succeed, unafraid, rebuilt, Madonna, tumours, quoined, courts, elicit, parade, carnaged, Aludra, wake, Grec, cage, alloys, crust, canal, ravine, nonvaried, scout, lays, random, fraud, Quran, creed, loyal.





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