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Nostradamus C5 Q44: The 16th rogue priest whose release impacts on the Prophet.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse holds elements that suggest it was intended for a local audience which comprised the patrons that supported him in his work. In this context the person is likely to be either a friend os his patrons or an enemy with the latter being more probable. Through the anagrams it becomes possible to fill in the missing gaps in the text and a story emerges of a member of a League (lee Au g) being captured by pirates on his return trip from Africa (ar fainc - act) and held to ransom. This person is a stipendary (ins de pyrat) parson (par ſon) who has money trouble (par ſon - moyen - trouble) because of numerous health issues and who fears for his afterlife (tife fera l') because of an act of pederasty (de pyrates).

The anagrams that provide this tale include:

remap role rogue agrees repair stipendary sins in pederasty parameters
Par mer le rouge ſera prins de pyrates

axis era parson money trouble plea etymon (source word) paralexias entry
La paix ſera par ſon moyen troublee

African fanatic tactile act elevate erectile aura afterpart matter come apart 
L'ire et l'auare commettra par fainct acte

League pardon into afterlife fifteen uroedema remade blue
Au grand Pontife fera l'armee doublee
# epaxial: part that has dorsal orientation in a segmented structure.
# paralexias: inabilities to read, write or spell even though familiar with letters.
uroedema: edema due to infliltration of urine into subcutaneous tissue.
On sea the red one will be taken by pirates,
Because of him peace will be troubled
Anger and greed will he expose through a false act
The army doubled by the great Pontiff.
Par mer le rouge ſera prins de pyrates
La paix ſera par ſon moyen troublee
L'ire et l'auare commettra par fainct acte
Au grand Pontife fera l'armee doublee
L1: <preSager stipendary raPes><prer Parameters reuSage role><Prearms raPer role in pederasty><prayed angiopreSsure><rogueS prayed raper sin rearm Pest><party remaPs>

L2: <parSon paraLexiaS (unable to spell, write or read) money trouble><moonS butyrone (chemical solvent)><moonS entry> <or parSon etymon (word base) Leap blue axiS era><~epaxiaL earS parSon money trouble~>

L3: <african Lattice / tactiLe relate part comet-arm><african cattLe trap><~frantic articLe /recitaL met tree laua come~><fanatic rap matter aura come><afterpart antic act><erectiLe act aura matter come>

L4: <leAgue arm ran afterlife Pond><Argue fifteen double Pardon alarm><alarm if not free><and do Argue blue Point><emerald fear Pardon feint><afterlife uroedemia>
1: stipendary, pederasty, afterpart, African, sprayed, fifteen, etymon,
2: angiopressure, parameters, afterlife,
3: prayed, frantic, spermata, epaxial, moons,
4: paralexias, 
5: fanatic, uroedema, erectile, presager,
6: entrouble,
7: fife,
8: entry,
9: -
10: double, money, party, axis,
11: alarmer / realarm, presage, League, repay,
12: lattice / tactile, article / recital,
13: -
14: prearms, emerald,
15: -
16: rinsed,
17: pond,
18: ramps, spend, aural,
19: Amperes, aflare / Rafael, norms, moon,
20: repairs, patter, apart,
21: rouble, feint,
22: -
23: trouble.

African, stipendary, parson, prayed, pederasty, afterpart, fifteen, paralexias, etymon, parameters, presager, angiopressure, epaxial, uroedema, erectile, spermata, entrouble, afterlife, frantic, moons, fanatic, entry, double, money, party, axis, League, repay, tactile, article, prearms, emerald, pond, aflare, ramps, aural, norms, apart, repairs, trouble. 

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