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Nostradamus C5 Q55: Modern chemicals affect our atmosphere and initiate wars between East and West.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Defining this verse are a whole series of highly distinctive anagrams two of which monomethylated (nt de loy Mahomet) and dicarbonate (abie contrad) are terms commonly used in sciences such as chemistry, biochemistry, soil science, and biology.

#Methylation addition or  substitution of a methyl group.
#dicarbonate chemical compound - two carbonate groups sharing oxygen atom.

The use of these terms and others eliminates any doubt as to which era this verse was meant to cover for it is our time that has the issues of newly created chemicals affecting the atmosphere and the quality of human life on this planet. Such changes must rank amongst the great mutations that the world has experienced.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

icefall area anaerobic lead dicarbonate reaction calife once traded
De la felice Arabie contrade

a quiet melody my home retains equipartisan Saints - Prussia notedly sustained monomethylated quatreins
Naiſtra puiſſant de loy Mahometique

vexed repels poignance once escaping quest regulates consequent danger  coinage engraved
Vexer l'Eſpaigne conqueſter la Grenade

ugly algae quitest agent quits Pete rearm Pauls Graal gently
Et plus par mer a la gent Lyguſtique.
In the country of Arabia Felix
There will be born one powerful in the law of Mahommed
To vex Spain, to conquer Grenada,
And more by sea against the Ligurian people.
De la felice Arabie contrade
Naiſtra puiſſant de loy Mahometique
Vexer l'Eſpaigne conqueſter la Grenade
Et plus par mer a la gent Lyguſtique.
L1: <Arab traDed on ice><leaD dicarbonate life cAre / rAce><Anaerobic ice traDed><Arab reaction / creation icefall Deed><Dread leaf>

L2: <pruSSia a Monomethylated>StraiN<SaintS home a equipartiSaN Melody><SuStained partS> <Melody partS SuStain / iSSuant a home><notedly aS time oMah upStairS><rapiSt iSSuant a home Melody>

L3: <no Escaping queSt real danGer><~once plEaSing a requeSt enlarGer Vexed~><~once real queSt enGraVed plEaSing xeer~><conSequent danGer real><larGer queSt poignancE><requeSt coinage> reGulates larGeSt reconqueSt

L4: <~ugLy uppsalr agent quiEteSt realm~><gentLy remaps Suit graal> <pauls angel rearm><agent guStiLy realarm><algae prearm>
1: monomethylated, dicarbonate, poignance, anaerobic, upstairs, icefall,
2: equipartisan, reconquest, relapsing, escaping, notedly, aerobic, reexpels, melody, Prussia, gently, vexed,
3: conquest, gutsily / gustily, septuple, quietest, gusty,
4: regulates, partisan, engraved, tugs,
5: consequent, coinage, ugly, evade,
6: sustained, Mahomet, quietus,
7: upstair, stands,
8: issuant / sustain, request, Homam, yodel, home,
9: largest, quest, Omah, guy,
10: creation / reaction,
11: elapsing / pleasing, alarmer / realarm, facile,
12: darted / traded, quits,
13: -
14: prearms,
15: -
16: Uppsalr, rapist, algae,
17: argental,
18: ramps,
19: -
20: -
21: -
22: -
23: -.

monomethylated, dicarbonate, poignance, equipartisan, anaerobic, icefall, relapsing, notedly, escaping, upstairs, aerobic, algae, reexpels, Prussia, melody, gently, vexed, gustily, regulates, quietest, partisan, consequent, ugly, engraved, coinage, traded, evade, Mahomet, sustained, quietus, issuant, largest, home, request, Omah, creation, pleasing, facile, Uppsalr, rapist.





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