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Nostradamus C5 Q57: Gaulonite lineage radiates out from Adratic Sea.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In the next verse the anagrams imply that the relevance of the Gaulonites, a Galileen sect of the Jesus era, is not just based on their influence in the past but is to do with the genetic line left in peoples of the Istrian ( in Istra) peninsula. Other verses in my paper called Gaulonites ( ont Gaulſie) utilise anagrams of Serbian which is very apt for peoples of this same region of the Adriatic coast.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

in Istrian mud mound Gaulonites Etruria insinuate unite earliest regulations intent  insist
Istra du mont Gaulſier et Auentin

Lorraine memo teams desex man so all fall ill
De SEXT mansol fallir la renomme

equip real rote radiature alarm
Qui par le trou aduertira l'armee

entered sources repairs blueprints
Entre deux rocs ſera prins le butin
There will go from Mont Gullsier and Aventin,
One who through the hole will warn the army:
Between two rocks will the booty be taken,
Of Sectus' mausoleum the renown to fail.
Istra du mont Gaulſier et Auentin
Qui par le trou aduertira l'armee
Entre deux rocs ſera prins le butin
De SEXT mansol fallir la renommee

L1: <Gaulonites (Essene) re-Attune Istrian (Slovenian peninsula -Adriatic Sea) mud><unite In earlieSt star><trIads mount> <darts InSinuate /annuities liGatures mount ><Istar mound liGatureS><unite Asterile straIn> reGulationS

L2: <radiature arm Equip real route><april route Queme (most pleasing)><touuard paler arterial> reQuiem alarm

L3: <~but ux croSs Entered in raper lines~><blueprints intEn(t) reduce croSs era><~intErnet uxed croSs repair blue sin~><blues intent reduxe cross> <croSs extrude><raper croSs exude nutriEnt>subtle / bluest unit unitE

L4: <lorraine fall><~lorraine lofTsman all SEX meemeD~><almoner Deem ir loans fall> <omen Deem> DESeX SEeD

1: persian-rebuilt, Istrian, blueprints, loftsman, roses-crux, requiem, uuoad,
2: nutrient, cross,
3: ligatures, annuities, insinuate, radiature,
4: unentered, internet, arterial,
5: regulations, nubiles, desex,
6: Gaulonites / gelatinous, intent, gauls, seemed,
7: Taurids, bluest / subtle, queme,
8: atrial / altair, uuader,
9: touuard, Etruria,
10: unexerted, gaunt,
11: Lorraine, earliest, alarmer / realarm, urox, fall,
12: Luisa, tube,
13: enspiral, interned, extrude, attune,
14: -
15: almoner,
16: mount,
17: triads,
18: but,
19: -
20: repairs, mound, reduxe, blues,
21: feint,
22: orlean, dreux, foal,
23: caress / scares, uuade

Istrian, blueprints, loftsman, requiem, cross, ligatures, insinuate, radiature, unentered, internet, arterial, regulations, seemed, Gaulonites, intent, desex, nubiles, towards Etruria, Lorraine, earliest, alarmer, unexerted, but, almoner, triads, mount, Lorraine, mound, repairs.



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