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Nostradamus C5 Q61: The state of the world at the time Christ's clone is created.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The first line of text makes sense when read as a reference to the story of the cloning of Christ from ancient DNA that believers claim comes from Christ and this ets the tone fro the remaining lines..

The anagrams of the verse create a vision of the world at the time of Jesus' resurrection in the modern world. It is a scene of Asian drug troubles, earthquakes and actions by successive popes to demonize events that have their source in America. One of the key words is that for Anastasis which is Greek for resurrection and this word is particularly relevant to those who hold Arian views about the relation of God and Jesus. Another is temblor which is a term adopted from Spanish by US geologists and it refers to an earthquake.

Anagrams that assist most in building this scenario include Anastasis ( t a ſa naiſſ), foments ( monts fe), Jews ( eux ju), intensest ( nt ſenis Et), thesaural ( ra les haut), troubles ( bler tous), Minnesota site ( s a mont ſen - is Et), temblor ( bler to), tensions ( ont ſenis), mounts ( uts mont), nominates ( a mont ſeni), Asians ( a naiſ), courts ( r tous c),  must not ( uts m -ont), exclude ( ceux de l), most ( ts m o), demons ( des mon), Papes sin ( s Appe- sin), excused ( s ceux de).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

anastasis cleanse Asians [i]nfant guard endang[e]rs Satan
L'enfant dugrand n'eſtant a ſa naiſſance

busy wgare healers argue thesaural amounts as past Papes sin
Subiuguera les hauts monts Appenis

after temblor troubles courts exclude Cabalan fear
Fera trembler tous ceux de la balance

intensest demons foments use modest Jews nominates Minnesota tensions destines squeamous sediments
Et des monts feux juſques a mont ſenis
The child of the great one not by his birth,
He will subjugate the high Apennine mountains
He will cause all those of the balance to tremble,
And from the Pyrenees to Mont Cenis.
L'enfant dugrand n'eſtant a ſa naiſſance
Subiuguera les hauts monts Appenis
Fera trembler tous ceux de la balance
Et des monts feux juſques a mont ſenis
L1: <and Satan Sent SaSanian (empire 224-651 CE) drug><anaStaSiS (Resurrection Saturday before Easter) Lance> <and Satan Sent aSians a drug><and aSianS Scan ten-Leaf Stannate drug><aSian tenantS cLeanneSS><aSiaS Satan neSt>

L2: <pen iSsu' amounts pAst healers><Apeps shale amounts greuu><pApes must not sin>most leaguers argue

L3: <<bertram fence><excludes cabalan Free route><~cabalan troubles exclude a Free term~> <route excused> <courts exude aFter banal tremble><balanced-axle route cues>

L4: <minneSota /nominateS dEmotes><jexu Squeamous (squeamish) intEnSest demons><Squamose [scaly] jeuux intEnSest demons><same noteS not fuse Sediments><mentionS stEeds foments><some dEstine omens><noteS insEt modes soften><noteS amuse dEstines uxe foments>
1: squeamous, anastasis, squamose, intensest, foments, Jeuux,
2: thesaural, cleanness, amounts, Sasanian,
3: sediments, tensions, Cabalan, stannate, fonts,
4: Minnesota / nominates, temblor, demotes, Bertram, soften, Jexu,
5: mentions, troubles, destines, balance, modest, healers, must,
6: tenants, Asians,
7: excludes, courts,
8: Leaguers, canal,
9: sensical, Gawler, frater, axled,
10: subs,
11: atremble, steeds,
12: Apeps,
13: hales / shale,
14: exclude, destine, amuse,
15: banal, fence,
16: coutures, scout, modes,
17: demons, most,
18: excused, blade, scans,
19: daunt,
20: Asias,
21: greuu, 
22: uuager,
23: -

squeamous, anastasis, foments, intensest, Cabalan, Jeuux, thesaural, troubles, cleanness, amounts, demotes, Sasanian, stannate, sediments, Minnesota, tensions, mounts, nominates, temblor, Bertram, soften, Jexu, fonts, mentions, modest, healers, Asians, courts, leaguers, canal, tenants, sensical, fence, must, exclude, most, demons, Papes, excused, modes, destines, Asias, blade.

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