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Nostradamus C5 Q62: The man involved in a chemical accident in the Gulf of Hormuz.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The story in C5 Q34 and C5 Q62 is a detailed account of participants in a modern fuel war between the Middle East and Europe. This current verse offers a means of dating the events of the war through the location of Saturn in a period of regression while in an opposite part of the heavens to the Sun. Since the planet is slow moving completing a circuit of the sun every 29.45 years there are only 3-4 occasions when it is opposite to the sun and in regression in a 500 year period.

The anagrams give specific identifers to a person involved in an accident caused by the supply of nitrates to the middle East through the town of Gameron in Iran (also called Bandar Abbas).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

rules source search along verse Polar Plow surlier choruses preserval
Sur les roucherſ sang on les verra plouuoir

also relations nature concern counteracts nitates anecdotic accident
Sol Orient Saturne Occidental

Gorgon urge Gameron Maldovian prior orders
Pres d'Orgon guerre a Rome grand mal voir

paternal-friends foresend set print enterprises presented lines tried
Nefs parfondrees et prins le Tridental.
One will see blood to rain on the rocks,
Sun in the East, Saturn in the West:
Near Orgon war, at Rome great evil to be seen,
Ships sunk to the bottom, taken by Trident.
Sur les roucherſ sang on les verra plouuoir
Sol Orient Saturne Occidental
Pres d'Orgon guerre a Rome grand mal voir
Nefs parfondrees et prins le Tridental.
L1: <long verse harneSs polar source><plouu reversal ruleS sang on choruSes><our rules craShes polariS-rouu><long polar verse uuorri-us><Shares closure><lecherous reprovals uuorri-us><long preserval uuorri-us>cruShes revels / levers 

L2: <anecdOtic nature OrientS oSlo / Solo><~latin-codeS cOunter relatiOnS /OrientalS~><~alSo cOnceited relatiOns /Orientals turn~><Occidentals inState rune><natureS Oriol One accident><cOunteractS id relationS><Solo rune Straiten / nitrateS>

L3: <gOrdon urge Providers><armoreR danger><gOrgon Providers rue Rare gameRon / megaRon><gorDon Roarer urge maldovian germ><geRman / engRam> Prior Orders

L4: <Tried preset lines><pretenders tried line for><frond enterprises><fonder letters-inspired><foresend Tiered splinters> interspersed priest prints endorse
  1. Maldovian, reprovals, crushes, Gordon, Polaris-rouu interspersed
  2. harness, reversal, lecherous, choruses, preserval, anecdotic, conceited, Occidental, counteracts, Gorgon. providers
  3. pretenders, enterprises
  4. presented
  5. Plouu, accident
  6. Gameron / Megaron, prior, orders, foresend
  7. Orientals / relAtions, fonder
  8. -
  9. -
  10. straiten / nitrates
  11. -
  12. frond
  13. closure
  14. revels / levers, prints,
  15. -
  16. Oslo / solo, endorse
  17. instate
  18. -
  19. -
  20. German / engram
  21. crashes

Maldovian, Gordon, crushes, reprovals, harness, accident, Plow, Polaris-row, anecdotic, reversal, preserval, counteracts, lecherous, Gorgon, occidental, choruses, presented, Gameron, enterprises, prior, orders, Orientals, conceited, providers, foresend, nitrates, closure, endorse, levers, German, Oslo, instate.


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