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Nostradamus C6 Q5: Southern France becomes exempt from French law as impoverished refugees perish.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The great flood theme found in the previous verses continues in this verse with the refugees driven out of their homelands settling in the Pyrenees where their poverty drives them to establish a region outside current French Law.

The most prominent anagrams that inform this tale include:

infamed rapine pruned despite free readings
Si grand famine par vnde peſtifere

cartel equip epulary pulley  unlodge golden gun paper article recall pauper poll preacquit
Par pluye longue le long du polle arctique

same baronry centile used client ship re-emphasise helm held perishes here

Samarobryn cent lieux de l'hemiſphere

volutariness oil depot exempted elliptoid pole quiet view
Viuront ſans loy exempt de pollitique
Very great famine through pestiferous wave,
Through long rain the length of the arctic pole
Samarobryn one hundred leagues from the hemisphere
They will live without law exempt from politics.
Si grand famine par vnde peſtifere
Par pluye longue le long du polle arctique
Samarobryn cent lieux de l'hemiſphere
Viuront ſans loy exempt de pollitique
L1: <deep famine Strife readingS><it free infamed grainS Speed><EsterifieS main vnpapered grain><deSpite free grainS><speed it freeS farding (cosmetic make-up) amine> rapine permian

L2: <Parque article on pulley golden glue><recall long yule Paper quit><Preacquit up-on pulley golden glue><epulary (feast) equip long poll react><Preacquit purely unlodge a long poll>Pauper

L3: <~baronry client reemphaSise helm uxed~><mi Spheres held uxe aS client><noncelebrity arm><Ship helm uxed><helm uxed periSheS><phariSeeS arm rob helm uxed><armoimaS periSh helm>

L4: <i exempted lyons quiet poll><lyons elliptoid exempt><VoluntarineSs quit ill depot><intraVenous><nitrouS loans / salon>Vieuu
1: voluntariness, noncelebrity, elliptoid, esterifies, exempted,
2: intravenous, reemphasise, baronry, exempt, perish,
3: reemphasis, reshapes, 
4: unlodge, nitrous, aromas,
5: preacquit, pulley, purely, reshape, depot,
6: Hesperis / perishes, infamed, vieuu, till, Lyons (+6 as 'Lyons')
7: farding, epulary, despite, Peshers / spheres, recall, lunge, strife, ship, held,
8: -
9: Salons,
10: aroma,
11: Pesher / sphere, ticq, poll (2x), sheer,
12: article / recital, pauper,
13: refit,
14: -
15: famine / infame, cartel / claret, vnder,
16: golden, client, Lepuy,
17: fad, 
18: -
19: -
20: Sepdet,
21: -
22: -
23: deluxe, here.

non-celebrity, voluntariness, esterifies, intravenous, elliptoid, spheres, baronry, exempted, reemphasise, farding, nitrous, aromas, pauper, perish, till, Lyons, view, preacquit, infamed, epulary, reshapes, unlodge, pulley, purely, lunge, reshape, depot, despite, recall, ship, salons, strife, under, poll, cartel, held, tick, article, Lepuy, golden, client, famine, fad.






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