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Nostradamus C6 Q7: Refugees in the forests of the Pyrenees resist outside attacks.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse continues the story of the new state established in Southern France and tells how outside nations are thwarted by the gangs that take over the Pyrenees mountains.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Norn region greet date celestial liberants illest tribe quinone inquirant
Norneigre et Dace et l'isle Britannique

Apes paler veins refers Norse events
Par les vnis freres ſeront vexees

fleech (coax) Moira (Fates) for Missourian issued gangs ill clique
Le chef Romain iſſu de ſang Gallique

Tropex foresters leperous telescopes select closest copies save fox  
Et les copies aux foreſtz repoulſees

# quinone: an organic chemical derived from aromatic compounds some of which have medicinal use in treating tumours, bacterial and fungal infections.
Norway and Dacia and the British Isle
Will be vexed by the united brothers
The Roman chief sprung from Gallic blood
And his forces hurled back into the forests.
Norneigre et Dace et l'isle Britannique
Par les vnis freres ſeront vexees
Le chef Romain iſſu de ſang Gallique
Et les copies aux foreſtz repoulſees
L1: <celestial ineBriant><inquinate (befoul) Norn><erring oN inquirant liBels><elect Date><elite region createD Blister><triBean reign reacteD / createD liBeralist quinoNe ills>quintain acted / cadet

L2: <ventroSe aPexes refers veins><aPexes overtneSs referS veins><norSe vesPerals refers Sin>

L3: <~miSSouRian quill fLeech (coax) Sade Gang~><all in a foRm GangS iSSued>Galling moiRa (Fates)

L4: <~usa preSetz copies let Soul See forex~><see Soul Elects for uxa preSetz><uxa foreStz>tElescopes
1: telescopes, galling, forestz,
2: ganglial, Missourian, rosterz, celestial, vesperals,
3: quinone, apexes, still,
4: liberalist, inebriant, storez, erring, gangs, forex, 
5: ventrose, presetz, ferries, issued, fox,
6: Tropez, libels, infers, cadet, acted,
7: selects, copies,
8: inquirant, bristle / blister, resetz, suds,
9: inquinate, quintain, scope, gall,
10: sinus,
11: quintan, Alberti, tribean, gang,
12: delicate, form from,
13: -
14: lvnes, zest,
15: leperous,
16: quill,
17: -
18: -
19: Celts, Tiber / tribe,
20: fires,
21: neuron, list, rezt,
22: forest / softer, ills,
23: ignore, region.

telescopes, galling, forests, ganglial, Missourian, rosters, celestial, vesperals, quinone, apexes, still, liberalist, inebriant, storez, erring, gangs, forex, ventrose, fox, presets, ferries, issued, Tropez, libels, infers, inquinate, cadet, acted, selects, copies, inquirant, blister, suds, resetz, quintain, scope, gall, sinus, Alberti, tribean, gang, delicate, form, zest, from, lunes, leperous, quill, fires, neuron, rezt, list, forest, region, ills.


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