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Nostradamus C6 Q14: Jesus clone is captured but another is held in his place.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse like the previous one (C6 Q13) presents details of the Fire in the Sky story with an anagram Appep ( appe p), the name of an asteroid, providing the focal point.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

diagnose Lille delegations designate orrery alongside error arrested Dryope Alba tail desolating
Loing de ſa terre Roy perdra la bataille

promptness patches Appep Pape Pope powers purpose ruinous winsy print Puritan prison
Prompt eſchappe pourſuiny ſuiuant prins

realign energia repairing prisoners uproariness Piersson absolu ordeal adore
Ignare prins soubs la doree maille

Fabius title tithable batch Tibet entitle prisons
Soubs fainct habit et l'ennemy surprins
# Fabius Maximus: 3rd Century BC Roman dictator
Fabius Laurent: French Foreign minister from 2012; socialist, previously Prime Minister from 1984-1986.
#absolu: French for absolute
orrery: a mechanical device showing the solar planetary sytem with true revolution rates.
Far from his land a King will lose the battle,
At once escaped, pursued, then captured,
Ignorant one taken under the golden mail,
Under false garb, and the enemy surprised.
Loing de ſa terre Roy perdra la bataille
Prompt eſchappe pourſuiny ſuiuant prins
Ignare prins soubs la doree maille
Soubs fainct habit et l'ennemy surprins
L1: <deLegationS prey eRror><aLongSide teRrorey><Lille diagnoSE><baldar deSignate prey eRror><eaSt oRrery (mechanical solar system model) per baldar>>dRyope arreSted deSoLating

L2: <appep ruinous> <patcheS pope><puritan purpoSe Spin patcheS> <~Promptness print uia uuinSy Schappe(cloth from waste silk) ~><puritans uuinSy pouuerS><pope set caph><Scheat / cheatS / Scathe><puritan Prison><prompt pope Cephas>

L3: <prisoners gaIn sub ordeal><raper sins absolu erode aim><piersson realIgn mail>uproariness

L4: <tibet chant><tithable antic><in batch men entitle><So fabius purrs bit chant my sin>
1: promptness, tithable, uuinsy, Fabius
2: repairing, diagnose, patches, ruinous, batch, Tibet, Appep,
3: desolating, uproariness, prisoners, entitle, orrery, bath,
4: delegations, designate, prompts, Puritan, energia, error, absolu,
5: alongside, acanthi, Piersson, purpose,
6: title,
7: Dryope,
8: purrs,
9: arrested, design, ordeal, Pope,
10: schappe,
11: prompt, loads, ruins,
12: dearest, chest,
13: realign, ordeals,
14: reaping, prison, prints, rouus, load,
15: Lille,
16: pouuers,
17: Cephas,
18: chaps,
20: habit, spin,
21: cheats / chaste / scathe / scheat.
23: -

promptness, tithable, Fabius, diagnose, repairing, winsy, patches, Appep, ruinous, batch, desolating, Tibet, prisoners, uproariness, entitle, orrery, bath, Puritan, prompts, delegations, designate, energia, error, absolu, alongside, Piersson, purpose, title, purrs, Dryope, arrested, design, Pope, ordeal, schappe, loads, ruins, realign, prints, rows, Lille, prison, reaping, Cephas, powers, spin, habit, scathe.


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