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Nostradamus C6 Q18: Hautpouls links to Nostradamus and the Jesus Bloodline legend.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Here we have a verse that at both the anagram and textual level talk of lineage. Together they identify a family linked to the legend of Christ's family line. The name Hautpouls found in the anagrams places this family in the mid Pyrenese, a location close to where Nostradamus' own family and he himself had strong links and in which the legend of the Magdelaine and child has its roots. There is even a place name used that is in this region since Caderonne is also near Alet les Bains, the town where in 1492 Nostredamus ancestors first settled when driven out of Spain for being Jews.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Paler ships his sequel dragonry gundealers delay Persias royalised  ideals
Par les phiſiques le grand Roy delaiſſe 

operativeness nonpreservation reliberated believer privateness events invest
Par sort non art de l'Ebrieu eſt envie 

yet Yules youngest son gennetos urea gene pollutes Hautpouls
Luy et ſon genre au regne hault pouse 

Caderonne age equating richest Christen eugenist race unities
Grace donnee agent qui Chriſt enuie.

# Caderonne: name of a fortress in the 'Graal' country of the Pyrenees very near to where Nostradamus worked for a few years in the town of his Jewish ancestors.helps
The great King abandoned by the Physicians,
By fate not the Jew's art he remains alive, 
He and his kindred pushed high in the realm,
Pardon given to the race which denies Christ.
Par les phiſiques le grand Roy delaiſſe 
Par sort non art de l'Ebrieu eſt envie 
Luy et ſon genre au regne hault pouse 
Grace donnee agent qui Chriſt enuie.
  1. <helps delay PerSiaS><dRagonRy idealS><real sequel iS dRagonry shiP diSPleaSe>
    <RoyaliSed gundealers>
  2. <Persia eventS>< rEliberated nonPreservation uSe><no eventS rEliberated Patroniser>vaPoriser oPerativeness
  3. <yet reargue gennoS (beget)><poLlutes youngeSt><yuLe gennetoS (begotten) auer /urea hautpouls gene>
  4. <euGeniSt equating riCh race><a Geniture (birth) code><equating Christ caderonne (near Alet)><riCheSt equating><uniteS caderonne equating riCh raGe>
1: nonpreservation, operativeness, Hautpouls, reliberated, youngest, pollutes, gennetos,
2: privateness, royalised, pervasion, vaporiser, Caderonne, vaporise,
3: personator, Rontgens, belieuer,
4: equating, displease, Christen, eugenist, geniture, Pluto, crag,
5: gundealers, Roentgens, paperless, unities, Christ, helps,
6: patroniser, parvines, delay, 
7: ordnance, ship,
8: leaguers, theirs, yodel, spies,
9: -
10: richest,
11: gennos, spout, events, vents, plot,
12: stoney, grace,
13: altered / related / alerted, bleed, roars,
14: unrare,
15: -
16: -
17: dragonry, invest, regales,
18: -
19: enlarges / generals, Persias / praises / Serapis, reargue, Yules, ideal,
20: ideals,
21: hip,
22:graels, song, rebel,
23: quic.

Hautpouls, nonpreservation, reliberated, operativeness, youngest, pollutes, gennetos, privateness, royalised, Caderonne, vaporiser, pervasion, equating, Roentgens, eugenist, believer, displease, gundealers, Christen, paperless, unities, helps, Christ, patroniser, delay, leaguers, ordnance, ship, theirs, spies, plot, richest, gennos, spout, events, altered, dragonry, Persias, generals, reargue, Yules, ideals, graels, hip, song, rebel, praises.



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