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Nostradamus C6 Q36: The use of meteorite sourced metals in the Italian war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are three stories found in this verse whose main theme is the Italian part in the rebel war against Eastern invaders. One of these stories details the theft of metal from church spires, while another deals with the metal from meteorites and their importance as outlined in the tale of Sumerian Ur. The third tale gives further detail on the use of poetic devices in mechanically printed material where alliteration replaces the colour codes in manuscipts.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 nine name rebent lamp bilateral alliterate enters rest
Ne bien ne mal par bataille terreſtre

invader aura confix fiends Europes neuroses unrepaired
Ne paruiendra aux confins de Perouſſe

realism steer rebel felonries pilfers metals novice overclaim voice mortalise realms peril profiles
Rebeller Pise Florence voir mal eſtre

[I]rony tunic belts useless uranolite (asteroid metal) amulet antihero use
Roy nuict bleſſe ſur mul et a noire houſe
Neither good nor evil through terrestrial battle
Will reach the confines of Perugia,
Pisa to rebel, Florence to see an evil existence,
King by night wounded on a mule with black housing
Ne bien ne mal par bataille terreſtre
Ne paruiendra aux confins de Perouſſe
Rebeller Pise Florence voir mal eſtre
Roy nuict bleſſe ſur mul et a noire houſe
L1: <bi nemean alliterate parable reeNterS><nine be bilateral pamela eNterS><arab lamp letters tail>

L2: <~confix neuroSeS SpeNd ruined ape aura~><euroPe finds perSeaNS ruined><peN rouSeS confuxians deep inuader><or speed enSueS>arnaud

L3: <~iove realm Steer Florences Rebel Peril~><bell Spire><Felonries overclaim><Rebel Peril removaliSt selF encore><novice PilFers realmS ore><realmS voice><coven realiSm role>moira mortaliSE metalS ProFiles

L4: <Sumer reuelation Runic-toy bleSS houSe><uSerS beltS RehouSe iron amulet><SumerS beltS houSe uranolite><ur bleSSes Runictoy amulet hoenir uSe><RouSe antihero><heir RouSe><ur bleSSeS emulation rehouSe Runictoy>oriental / relation uSeleSS heroin
1: removalist, overclaim, alliterate, felonries, voice, house,
2: reuelation, antihero, confix, pilfers, cubit,
3: Confuxians, overnice, novice,
4: profiles, reletters, 
5: bilateral, unreposed, blesses, fiends, finds,
6: uranolite, elation, Nemean,
7: amulet, heroin / Hoenir, Pamela, useless,
8: mortalise, oriental / relation, spiller, belts,
9: Sumers,
10: neuroses, deposer,
11: unrepaired, Arnaud,
12: Florence, metals,
13: Perseans, floes, lifes / flies / files, ensues, Neman,
14: realism, retell /teller,
15: -
16: unrepaid / unpaired, reenters, Iove,
17: been,
18: spender, spend,
19: Europes, lamp / palm,
20: -
21: belt,
22: Europe, bless, rebel, Iona,
23: floe.

 removalist, overclaim, voice, alliterate, felonries, house, revelation, antihero, confix, pilfers, cubit, Confuxians, overnice, novice, bilateral, profiles, reletters, unreposed, fiends, blesses, uranolite, finds, Nemean, elation, Pamela, Hoenir, amulet, useless, belts, mortalise, Sumers, neuroses, unrepaired, metals, floes, retell, lifes, realism, Europes, Jove, bless, rebel, lamp.




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