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Nostradamus C6 Q51: Russian commercialism brings various social ills to clone era.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse continues the tales of the period surrounding the growing up of the Jesus clone. It contains the impact of Russian commercialism on the fate of newly liveborn childre. There are elements in the anagrams that suggest it occurs in this century and that it mirrors the uprisal stories of the past.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

blameless liveborn now wave expect seals up place pleases owner
Peuple aſſemble voir nouueau expectacle

Princess set story scene portrays uprisal Russias wiser Saints prescient prays
Princes et Roys par pluſieurs aſſiſtans

commercialism sillier mosaic place fail Immur[e]s [locks in] empirical racisms
Pilliers faillir murs mais comme miracle

entered dissent instead interested Saints role sway
Le Roy ſauue et trente des inſtans.
People assembled to see a new spectacle,
Princes and Kings amongst many bystanders,
Pillars walls to fall: but as by a miracle
The King saved and thirty of the ones present.
Peuple aſſemble voir nouueau expectacle
Princes et Roys par pluſieurs aſſiſtans
Pilliers faillir murs mais comme miracle
Le Roy ſauue et trente des inſtans.
  1. <olive ouuner aSSemble up Place iove expect auue><liveborn ouue a meSS><expect orion Place uuaue><accept a ouuner uxe>blamelESS pleaSeS / elapSeS
  2. <Prescient SaintS aSSure upriSal><inteRcessory Span aSSiSt uuiSer><Saint aSSures Princess><prays Pants secRetion is ruSSias><interPRocess prays><uSuries aSSiSt><poRtrays scene><stoRy scene><since tRoyes>ieuus centrEs
  3. <arms commercialism><commissar><emPirical emm refills mosaic><fires ill rePlica ail ><racisms><semicommercial Pill><sillier Place fail><urs mosaic rim fairs ill>
  4. <uue Say naStiness RolE><entered tuueet aS yor SentinaLs><entered Sins><entered Sins><uuayS / Suuay RoLe / Lore deStine teeter><intereSted Learns Say tuueet>
1: semicommercial, commercialism, intercessory, commissar, empirical, interested, liveborn, nastiness, mosaic, Russias, expect, tuueet,
2: mosaics,
3: interprocess, portrays, rascism(s), refills, dissent, sporty, fairies, uuetter, assist, suuay / uuays,
4: blameless, sentinals, eternised, Israfel, accept, prosy, uuorn,
5: reinspects, destines, replica, sillier, rifles, Orion,
6: princess, spirant, centers (2x),
7: secretion, sincere,
8: prescient, assures, prays, Farsi,
9: -
10: uprisal, Oliver, story / Troys, fails,
11: mime,
12: posy,
13: uuas,
14: assemble, resented, destine, Troyes, soya,
15: nieces, pays, sits,
16: Uppsalr, usuries, sorely, amiss, love, Iove,
17: princes, elapses, pleases, olive, Ieuus / uuise,
18: ouuner,
19: uuiles, teeter,
20: fires,
21: parcel,
22: encites, uuiser, place (2x),
23: Sefira.

 Russias, commercialism, Princess, commissar, interested, empirical, mosaic, portrays, liveborn, racisms, dissent, wave, replica, uprisal, story, sway, Orion, sillier, sentinals, assures, prescient, mime, destine, secretion, fails, Uppsalr, assemble, nieces, pleases, Jews, olive owner, fires, entice, wiser, place.

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