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Nostradamus C6 Q53: The bones of the dead in ossuaries and icebergs searched for DNA.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse breaks from the convention of an AbAb rhyming pattern and presents in the form of AAbb. In other respects it has strong links to other verses in this section such as C6 Q61 where gasoline and holy relics are common elements in the presented scenario. It is from such sources that a sect interested in finding a science-based means of recreating Jesus might gather traces of DNA to create a clone.

Anagrams that will determine this verse's meaning include:

cartel tactile requital quit ossuary c[o]uplets rectangle
Le grand Prelat Celtique a Roy ſuſpect

induce pact cursor a shroud hoards rude gene engender
De nuict par cours ſortir a hors du regne

repeating fractured relations a grandson dragonry betraying boy reaping  organs
Par duc fertile a son grand Roy Bretaigne

cabinets bias caprice test icecap pierces suspect Sunnites
Bisance a Cipres et Tunes inſuſpect
# ossuary: repository for storing human bones
The great Celtic Prelate suspected by the King,
By night in flight he will leave the realm
Through a Duke fruitful for his great British King
Byzantium to Cyprus and Tunis unsuspected.
Le grand Prelat Celtique a Roy ſuſpect
De nuict par cours ſortir a hors du regne
Par duc fertile a son grand Roy Bretaigne
Bisance a Cipres et Tunes inſuſpect
L1: <Paler Celt oSSuaRy quiet danger><Cartel equalite youRS><oR ySuS liquate><youRs liquate><rectangLed SupS>Requital / quaRtile Cattle lattiCE eLect

L2: <~curSors inDuce part ur gene it hoards><durers unDeprecating><shroud engenDer><ur hoards unciteD gene>inDuctee urged

L3: <rePeating gasoline fractured By Radon><duc Berating arsenolite / relations / orientals dragonRy raPe><~oR grandson Betraying a fertile duc raPe~><duc adoRn organs By triage>earliest aerolites aegiPan readaPting rePaginate isolate

L4: <reCeipts sunniTeS Bisect upS><Suspect Tunes preset in peCcaries Basin> <peSSinus set cabinets preCise Tune><Caprice Basin uniTes Sun set>
1: a-crude filter, picture-set, betraying, arsenolite, fractured, repeating, ossuary / suasory, caprice, cursors, hoards,
2: undeprecating, readapting, rectangled, repaginate, peccaries, Pessinus, Sunnites, icecap, betray, Urdrs,
3: cabinets, requital / quartile, suspect (2x),
4: rectangle, berating, boy,
5: elations, Aegipan, Sunnite, shroud, pierces / precise,
6: fertile, filter,
7: grandson, aerolites, receipts, engender,
8: isolate, prices, Durers, sorts, curd,
9: orientals / relations, inductee, yours, price,
10: gasoline, sinus,
11: earliest, Ysus, 
12: lattice / tactile, cabins,
13: organs, refit,
14: reaping, respite, triage,
15: cartel, / claret,
16: liquate, realist, bits,
17: dragonry,
18: -
19: -
20: -
21: reneged, quilt,
22: granite, giant, basin, song.
23: -

arsenolite, betraying, fractured, ossuary, repeating, caprice, cursors, hoards, readapting, Urdrs, icecap, rectangle, cabinets, requital, berating, boy, suspect, elations, Sunnite, shroud, pierces, fertile, grandson, engender, earliest, receipts, isolate, tactile, organs, cartel, reaping, gasoline, price, refit, realist, dragonry, song, bits.


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