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Nostradamus C8 Q46: El Sufi's star chains as guide to N's date code.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is one of those that destroyed my innate scepticism as it yields crucial evidence that Nostradamus did build astronomic code as his way of dating the Prophecies. The importance of its content was in one of the earliest of my modern papers (since 2004). See my paper called Astronomy for the full implications I drew from this verse.

The anagrams from which the keys to this verse will come include:

Norse Pole solemn omens sole rumour our evil ratios ponderous  men used
Pol menſolee mourra trois lieues du Rosne

El Sufi produces star chains as stories stored Sharatain sacred star
Fuis les deux prochains taraſc deſtrois

camera safer pleasure hours celebrations farmers ancestor tolerances
Car Mars fera le plus horrible troſne

code quot[e]d Algedi feared stories refer terrorises France
De coq et d'aigle de France freres trois.
Pol the celibate will die three leagues from Rome
the two nearest flee the encroaching three.
When Mars will take up his horrible throne,
the Cock and the Eagle, France and the three brothers.
Pol menſolee mourra trois lieues du Rosne
Fuis les deux prochains taraſc deſtrois
Car Mars fera le plus horrible troſne
De coq et d'aigle de France freres trois.
  1. <Solemn PeRson used><sPlenDorous omenS><loneSome> <PondeRous> <Pole omenS Resounds><norSe used>
  2. ~aS el suFi diSsector produxes Star chain~> anarchiSt <Fusile Stories)<anthropics [human views] less uxed><Sacred Star><~--producex Sharatain [Aries duality] ---~><suFi expulsed> thracianS /anarchiSt / Star chain
  3. <farMers anCeStor><farMers CelebrationS><farMers toleranCeS><CornMaSter(s) / aStroManCer[astral divination] fears><feral pulse> oCeans Strobile [cone] <briStleCone safer arM>hours /horus
  4. <France stories refer algedi [star name in Cap]><Fledge [bird raising] coDe terrorise France>< Dissector q'oted refer algedi Fear><date Fledgier [feathery] coq [Coqab]>
1: celebrations, splendorous, astromancer, anarchist / Thracians, Sharatain, producex, fledgier, lonesome, fledge, qoted,
2: anthropics, ponderous, proudness, terrorises, strobile, farmers,
3: sacristan, enloops, frames,
4: dissector (2x), duplexes / expulsed, resounds, El-Ssufi / fusile, cards, 
5: horriblest, Antiochs, terrorise, federal,
6: sefirots, Horus / hours,
7: Tsarinas, chains, Gledi,
8: Algedi, Gediel, plush, sacred / scared,
9: falser,
10: tolerances,
11: uueeds, ratio,
12: -
13: d'France, Alferes,
14: sounder, slides,
15: storied (2x), oceans, Sufi,
16: -
17: rioters, restore,
18: fleed,
19: britle, 
20: ancestor, chain / China, defer / freed,
22: horrible.

Key Ideas:

El Sufi, star chains, Sharatain, Algedi, Kocab, splendorous omens, sacred star, farmers, Cornmaster, produces, horriblest, celebrations, ponderous, terrorises, loneliest, tolerances, Tsarinas, quoted, farmers ancestor, d'France, frames, electrons.


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