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Nostradamus C8 Q53: End-of-days leader who helps man survive.
Copyright - A. Webber 2015

The text and anagrams of this verse bring together a story that fits to the pattern found thoughout the later verses of the prophecies. It is the tale of a great leader who goes to war against a fanatical sect.

Anagrams of highest use in resolving this verse include:

Deadness oblong devour a word reveals warleaders refuses safer duets
Dedans Bolongne voudra lauer ſes fautes

ill line prove open uproar Aurora temple duels loses
Il ne pourra au temp le du ſoleil

vilest lover fear Asian Saint fanatics chose as Shias salute
Il volera faiſant choſes ſi haultes

herein perennial archer enrich plainer qu[i]n funct[i]on
En hierarchie n'en fut oncq vn pareil
Within Boulogne he will want to wash away his misdeeds
he cannot at the temple of the Sun.
He will fly away, doing very great things
In the hierarchy he had never an equal.
Dedans Bolongne voudra lauer ſes fautes
Il ne pourra au temp le du ſoleil
Il volera faiſant choſes ſi haultes
En hierarchie n'en fut oncq vn pareil
L1: <~seer drauual faust oblong oven deadness~><uuar-leaders bans faust long oven deeds><faust oblong oven sadden aural seer> refuses devour bands sabon

L2: <louise open ill deplumate(de-feathered) pen><~our templed soul ill pen aura lie~><armature pulsed>< a mute line pulsed uproar><~mute pen pulsed leo lll aurora~><our leo line used palmature(webbed fingers)> isil

L3: <far asian loveliest haul><a.fanatics lover lies><hiss salute chose saint rafael aflare><eschaton(end-of-days) is a shia's fear ><vilest role><loveliest saint chose afar><shia fear satanic hoses / shoes><feral shias nothes asia> chants

L4: <perennial hierarchi><a heir enrich count fen line> plainer archer
1: uuarleaders, fantasia, armature, refuses, safari / safira,
2: loveliest, denudates, vitellus, notches,
3: palmature, eschaton, perennial, violets, oblong,
4: deplumate, fanatics, voielles, plumed, Faust,
5: hierarchi, Antiochs, canthos, fount, aurora, lover, Henri,
6: olives, pelion, Aludra, bands, hoses, shoes,
7: datedness, satanic, vilest, enrich, Henric,
8: lobs,
9: -
10: deadness, Iseult,
11: Arieh,
12: chants, Sabon, racier,
13: count, fess,
14: fantasi,
15: devour,
16: repour, chose, niche, love,
17: saddens,
18: plainer, Louise, eddas, aural, bans,
19: aflare / Rafael, taura,
20: vuord, 
21: salute, Shia,
22: chair,
23: Asia.

warleaders, refuses, safari, armature, drawal, denudates, loveliest, oblong, notches, palmature, perennial, violets, deplumate, fanatics, hierarchy, Antiochs, Aurora, lover, Satanic, datedness, enrich, vilest, bands, count, deadness, racier, chants, devour, niche, love, sadden,


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