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Nostradamus C8 Q58: Two Middle Eastern kingdoms bring chemical war to Britain and France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The predominant themes in the anagrams for this verse are a savage war and the use of chemical warfare. Supplying the basis for my claim of chemical war are anagrams such as elements (mes et le n), aerial (er a l'ai), bromine (e nom Bri), liqueurs (lique Sur), smelter (rmes et l), molten (t le nom), brominate (e nom Brita), arsenic (ican ſer) and residue (eres diu).

The theme of brutal war rests on the name Tamerlane (t mener a l'a) whose invasion of Persia in the fourteenth century was notable for the pyramids of heads he left behind as he slaughtered those he conquered. The anagrams for Saracen dart realign Saudi title identify that the people of the lands he ruled are the ones engaging in the war against the United Kingdom and France and they do so as a united front. The first line of text refers to two quarrelling brothers and the sinister nature of this wording is revealed by the use of Tamerlane and the two Arab groupings given above since it provides further dimensions through the anagrams for sectarian (ican ſera ta) and dualities (aduiſe Til). From the gestalt of the text and anagrams we can therefore hypothesise that two dire sects combine forces for an attack upon the religious communities of the West.

The anagrams that lay the groundwork for this analysis include:

revise gene Queen queer refusal refers  energies residues
Regne en querelle aux freres diuiſe

render slender arms Tamerlanes smelter omen molten bromine elements brominates equip inquinate (corrupt) quin
Prendre les armes et le nom Britannique

title utilised angelic dualities altering neutralities cleansing arsenic sectarian Saudi Saracen Jesuit duties eternalist advised
Tiltre Anglican ſera tard aduiſe

usurper inducements men learn aerial Grail liquers intumesced (expand with heat),
Surprins de nuict mener a l'air Gallique
A kingdom divided by two quarreling brothers
to take the arms and the name of Britain.
The Anglican title will be advised to watch out,
surprised by night ( the other is ), led to the French
Regne en querelle aux freres diuiſe
Prendre les armes et le nom Britannique
Tiltre Anglican ſera tard aduiſe
Surprins de nuict mener a l'air Gallique
L1: <queen enerGise / diuerse refuxal><uxa queer ell refers><queen flexural residue gene RiSe>

L2: <elder loBstermen smear quintain (object on a post)><leaders / dealers preen quintain elements><smelter reseal Bromine><inquirant moB elements slanderer><see molten realms equiP slanderer><nn equiP Brominate>inquinate (corrupt)

L3: <~Saracen dualiTies relAting dart~><narrateS lAcerating dualiTieS><dart reAlign Saudi Title><neuTrAlitieS add Scaling rate><a lacerating dart uTiliSed><narrateS a Angelic><Sectarian /aScertain Angel><uTiliSed triAngle><cleanSing liTerAte><cleAring Title><Altering duTies>eTernAliSt iadeuS arSenic

L4: <tamerlane (brutal Tatar conqueror) induces><real inducements in uSurper era><uninspired quill> <purSue dinners><ill qreuuS rename a Grail><liquerS uninspired a leaner Grail><intumescent (swells on heating) aerial>
1: inducements, cleansing, dualities, utilised, scaling, usurper,
2: neutralities, brominate, flexural, clearing, literate, utilise, energise / resignee,
3: intumesced, uninspired, lobstermen, ascertain, sectarian, liqueurs, bromine, angelic, undines, cling, Iesuit,
4: lacerating, elements, narrates,
5: eternalist, slanderer, Creatans, flexura, titles, tilt,
6: litter, Iadeus, pursue, Saudi, title,
7: retitles, Raelian, Saracen, ,
8: inquirant, Tamerlane, qreuus / sqreuu, queller, purrs, duad,
9: inquinate, quintain, alerting / altering / relating / triangle, smelter, gall,
10: cement, reneges,
11: quintan, induces, re-equip, lenders / slender,
12: arsenic,
13: realign, molten, Antares,
14: reliant, Grail, reside,
15: duties / suited,
16: deriues / residue, quill, rinsed,
17: align, aerial, add,
18: -
19: Astrea, rename,
20: -
21: lender, queen,
22: -
23: alia.

inducements, utilised, cleansing, dualities, usurper, scaling, flexural, neutralities, clearing, literate, energise, intumesced, brominate, aerial, bromine, elements, uninspired, lobstermen, ascertain, sectarian, angelic, liqueurs, lacerating, Iesuit, eternalist, narrates, slanderer, pursue, Saudi, title, Tamerlane, Saracen, inquinate, duad, altering, smelter, cement, add, Grail, molten, arsenic, residue, quill, reliant, queen, align, lender, duties.

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