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Nostradamus C8 Q77: Battle of the popes and their nuclear war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

It is here in this verse that Nostradamus makes it clear that the future holds a great war in which opposing views of the Christian church are engaged. His text indicates that it is those with belief in an active God that are the instigators of the war which is started in order to commit genocide on those who have different views.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Benoist nontheistical interclash christen Christ orbits by Constantine obstinate abstention Chile sanction thrice contains
L'antechriſt trois bien toſt annichilez

Durer era usage revering peasants septet testing Satans vignettes setting
Vingt et ſept ans ſang durera ſa guerre

here three either misquote or mosque captors fixes lies
Les heretiques mortz captifs exilez

geigers legers Ranger-process uranium-phase humanise a rogu[e] Gregories let[t]ers push
Sang corps humain eau rogie greſler terre.
The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering earth.
L'antechriſt trois bien toſt annichilez
Vingt et ſept ans ſang durera ſa guerre
Les heretiques mortz captifs exilez
Sang corps humain eau rogie greſler terre.

The anagrams yield a collection of complex words that also have religious war significance. Of these nontheistical (t oſt annichile) is the most potent as it refers to people who believe in a single God but not not in his interaction with mankind. It is combined with an anagram for interclash that implies war between those whose major views are identical. There are also anagrams for Constantine (en toſt annic) and Gregories (rogie greſ) both of which provide a historical parallel to the war that is yet to happen. Constantine is the name of the first Roman emperor to adopt christianity. In the eighth century (767-768) the second pope with the name Constantine came to be known as an antipope. Since that time there have been two antipopes with the name Gregory (1012 and 1118-1121). The implication of the text together with the anagrams is that a pope will be elected as a consequence of forceful intervention by a conservative faction but this antipope will be deposed after a twenty-seven year war that invokes the use of nuclear weaponry. The last line indicates the relevant Pope is Gregory VII since septet means seven, he had peasant origins and his vignettes lay behind his branding of the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry IV's papal nominee as an antipope.

It was Constantine I who was involved with the settings underpinning the Nicean Council and this council's main issues are a focal point for many of Nostradamus' quatrains. The threadin these verses is one of religious division over the status of Christ in relation to the God of monotheistic religions. These threads unite into a stream of Christ-based lineage stories and a disastrous religious war at the end of the 21st Century. This war blends into the other major Disasters of massive floods and fire from the sky that make up the three main streams of Nostradamus' Prophecies (See Nicea-Agennos for more).

  1. <nontheiStical [belief in inactive God] z intercLash><obStinate riots richeSt><chriSten zeaL><richeSt orbits><conStantine><chile ten nationS><richeSt riots in Chile abStention> benoist containS / Sanction
  2. <Vetting aptneSs a ruder uSage Sang>Vignettes / (teSt given) uSage err><teSting Setting aptneSs Saga grandeur><reVering anapeSts [form of stressed meter] teSt>
  3. <there it fixes misquote(r) capz><she requite / quieter some><hermetiques captorz fit lesz> mosque
  4. <gregorieS leter><main push>< humanise> <our geiger><proceSs-ranger><uranium-phase>
1: nontheistical, uraniumphase, processranger, Constantine, hermetiques, abstention, interclash, Gregories, captorz, revering, mosque, geiger, push,
2: misquoter, obstinate, vignettes, vetting, fixes,
3: quietsome, enstation, misquote, stannic, testing / setting, arguers, zelant,
4: Christen, capz,
5: contains, sanction, humanise, Christ, orbits, either, actz,
6:anapests / peasants, notates, thrice, saga,
7: Chile, river,
8: requites, patents,
9: -
10: richest, requite / quieter, given,
11: Benoist, trench, mouse,  zeal,
12: nations, three / there,
13:riches, exiles,
14: liez,
15: aptness,
16: chanter / tranche, cog,
17: argues, Lexis,
18: Satans, giro,
19: lancet, reargue,
20: grandeur, septet, 
21: Durer / ruder,
22: -
23: crops, here.

nontheistical, uraniumphase, processranger, Constantine, hermetiques, abstention, interclash, Gregories, captorz, revering, mosque, geiger, push, misquoter, obstinate, vignettes, settingv, vetting, fixes, quietsome, enstation, misquote, stannic, testing, setting, arguers, zelant, Christen, capz, contains, sanction, humanise, Christ, orbits, either, actz, peasants, notates, thrice, saga, Chile, river,  requites, patents, richest, quieter, given, Benoist, trench, mouse,  zeal, nations, three, riches, exiles, liez, aptness, chanter, cog, argues, Lexis, Satans, giro, lancet, reargue, grandeur, Septet, Durer, crops, here.  


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