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Nostradamus C8 Q82: Draconian reaction of fanatics to pathogens borne by Asteroids.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is the only verse where any anagram for spaceship (ſi eſchapp) or related terms can be found. Its usage does however fit with a theme in which corporations in a later era enter space to harness biogenetic material from comets. The name Pelagonia defines a region in Macedonia while Pelagian refers to a belief that original sin did not taint human nature and that mortal will is still capable of choosing good or evil without special Divine aid

Anagrams able to give this verse meaning include:

longer song fascinates Asian fanatics doubt neutral bound 
Ronge long ſec faiſant du bon valet

congenial Pelagian [believes no original sin] Quran nosogenic [origin of illness]  Pelagonia [Macedonia] coinage
A la par fin n'aura que ſon congie

appointing 'yes no' letter-set stature cause callous planetologic couplet  
Poignant poyſon et lettres au collet

serenading Asias spaceship ecphasis [specific declaration] happened
Sera ſaiſi eſchappe en dangie
Thin tall and dry, playing the good valet
in the end will have nothing but his dismissal;
sharp poison and letters in his collar,
he will be seized escaping into danger.
Ronge long ſec faiſant du bon valet
A la par fin n'aura que ſon congie
Poignant poyſon et lettres au collet
Sera ſaiſi eſchappe en dangie
L1: <ventral doubt><longer song faces saint><bound fascinates><fanatics unvotable> asian battlegrounds saigon geelongs fascinated negro aisa dubon caf duisant levant anvl

L2: <on square>arques quaran aquose nosogenic congenial agile coinage runa announcing of iraq use parafin agiel unani(anc hlng sys) pelagonia

L3: <poet poignant yesno><planetologic letterset><letters loculate notes> lettert atoning stoney stature tell treats tenletters cause callous

L4: <seer need asia gain spaceship><a seeing happened as is easier>ecphasis(explicit declaration) ennead asia asias caph cephas cash siege easing areas apep peep pasch pesach
1: planetologic, fascinated, fascinates, spaceship, Pelagonia, ecphasis, happened, callous, bound / Dubon,
2: unvotable, nosogenic, poignant, loculate, Pelagian, Geelongs, ventral,
3: congenial, fascinate, aquose,
4: fanatics, letter-set, parafin,
5: coinage, Galiean, Levant, Unani, faces,
6: duisant, peep,
7: calous, doubt,
8: polite, stature, daunts, Ennead,
9: -
10: Schappe, easier,
11: atoning, arias,
12: stoney, Quaran, posy,
13: bud / dub,
14: longer,
15: -
16: venal,
17: Cephas, gained,
18: chaps, pasch, yesno, anvl,
19: daunt, poet,
20: Asias,
21: letters, face,
22: song,
23: Asia (2x), Caf.

planetologic, spaceship, fascinates, Pelagonia, unvotable, nosogenic, congenial, poignant, ecphasis, happened, callous, Pelagian, geelongs, fanatics, loculate, letterset, ventral, bound, coinage, polite, stature, doubt, fantasy, faces, Asias, Quran, longer, Ennead, easier, peep.


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