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Nostradamus C8 Q99: The Jesus-clone era is linked to rising water and war with Islam.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is once again a verse expressing Nostradamus major theme about the nature of Christ and the part his resurrection plays in the wars of this and other centuries.This is a verse with enigmas poweful to excite minds of all pesuasion and like so many with this theme its text gives us strong hints to the anagrams to obtain absolutus (completion). Compare this verse to those shown in my papers on the Nicean debate, Nostradamus' Gnostic views and the series containing the Greek word for not begotten and you will see the strong religious themes in their text. The same themes exist here and they make sense in the context of a harsh debate over the begotten, unbegotten status of Christ.

The last line of this verse has anagrams on a very interesting but very different theme for it talks of the strength of Nostradamus powers to see the future.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Paul Jesus issuance descent stories temporise spiritsome roles imposter propels upraisal desecrations
Par la puiſſance des trois rois temporelz

Islam measure neutralise aeigenes nature sanitise Jerusalems Saints gene
En autre lieu ſera mis le ſaint ſiege

absolutus ascent cleaned priest script poor role
Ou la ſubſtance de l'eſprit corporel

Syria vary agrees rearm St-Remy persecute my secret power
Sera remys et receu pour vray ſiege
Through the power of three temporal kings,
the sacred seat will be put in another place,
where the substance of the body and the spirit
will be restored and received as the true seat.
Par la puiſſance des trois rois temporelz
En autre lieu ſera mis le ſaint ſiege
Ou la ſubſtance de l'eſprit corporel
Sera remys et receu pour vray ſiege.

The anagrams offer several terms that are easily identified as part of Religious discussions and these include Ierusalem (lieu ſera m) , Islam (a mis l), Paul (la pu), Osiris (ois rois), desecration (ance des troi) and stories ascend (Sance d -es trois) but there is one that is not so commonly known that stands out. The word is Greek and occurs in the second line as aeigenes (ſiege En a) and it means eternally begotten, a status bestowed by the Christian Church on Jesus as well as their God. Like the words agennos (not begotten) and gennos (begotten) which dominate the verses in my papers named above it is part of the vocabularly emphasised by Athanasius in his discussions of the Arian controversy at the heart of the 325CE Nicean Council.

There is only this one occurrence of the anagram for aeigenes in Nostradamus Prophecies and it occurs in this verse that talks of the restoration of the substance of the body and spirit, i.e. where the eternally-begotten status of Christ will be surrendered for that of mortality. Additionally in this line where aeigenes occurs there are clusters that talk of a true gene, again linking the text to Christ's status of equality with God but it takes the opposite stance.

We clearly have sound reasons for seeing the text as Nostradamus' story of the resolution of Christ's relationship to God.

L1: <upraiSal stories imposter role aScend><stored osiris iSSuance><or spiritsome descent><iS intercrossed aS paul poem><temporise [hold back]><iSuS desecration stories> <uprisAl aS coresidents imposter roleZ>

L2: <ieruSalems SaintS lie><islam SanitiSe a true gEne><ieruSalem latiniSes a true gEne><true islam reuSe aEigeneS lie><latiniSeS neutral meaSure> < a aimleSs uSer lie in nature Site>. <Site alienS meaSure is a true gEne> <uuaterlineS realism> <ut-a gene site aliens aims> <uta gEne meaSure reli>

L3: <poor Scrlpt uSual role> <cleaned prieSt abSOlutuS (completion) role> <led prieSt aScent> <perilS buStS enacted><proScript role> <lauuS rOle tabS poor Script>

L4: <See my secret pouuer vary iS rare> <Syria agreeS persecute our ryme> <st remy Seer era>
1: imposters, spiritsome, absolutus, latinises, aeigenes, propelz,
2: desecrations, proscript, temporise, uprisals, proctor, sanitise, subsalt, papular, Osiris, poorer,
3: intercrossed, coresidents, uuaterline, upraisal, persecute, repool,
4: desecration, Ierusalems, acidness, St Remy, Syria, ryme, geese,
5: coresident, imposter, ascends, crested,
6: escorted, script, lauus, usual,
7: Ierusalem, issuance, realisms, cadents, cleaned, enacted, abuts, vary, rays,
8: descent,
9: Tauriel,
10: uprisal, aimless / seismal, measure, poor, subs,
11: -
12: secrete,
13: -
14: releuant, resplit / triples, realism, smiles, bust,
15: storied, sieges, strip,
16: ascend / dances /decans,
17: -
18: scans,
19: -
20: Islam,
21: -
22: -
23: reliue / reuile, maris, poem.

imposters, spiritsome, absolutus, latinises, Osiris, aeigenes, propels, desecrations, temporise, uprisals, Syria, poorer, coresidents, persecute, waterline, upraisal, Ierusalems, imposter, sanitise, acidness, proscript, coresident, aimless, laws, issuance, realisms, measure, uprisal, Islam, revile, poem, St Remy, intercrossed.


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